Friday, November 4, 2011

A Photoshoot and New Items

I have been busy making new items for my etsy store and had fun with my photo shoot recently. I decided to not use a solid white background and flash photography in my house and headed outside under my gazebo. I pulled an old door out for a "background" a found a few props to help display my new caps.

Please don't tell my Father-in-Law that I used his boots to display caps and even had them filled with
 glitter twigs at one point! ;) I hope to add several Western Christmas Wreaths to my shop this weekend.
 Burlap flowers on hats!

For this Sweet Cupcake Hat, I ran inside to get the muffin pan and a vintage flour sifter! This cap was inspired by a bakery owner and friend, who wanted to wear a cap instead of a hair net at work. Now who would choose a hairnet over cupcake bling?

I'm on vacation ALL next week! Yipppppeeeee! We don't have any big plans to go anywhere, but I have lots of projects that I would like to get completed...
I hope to continue adding more items to my etsy store, start working on a few Christmas gifts, makeover my bathroom, paint some furniture, and maybe build a stall for one of the horses... My list is longer than than my vacation! ;)

For anyone visting my etsy store and wanting to to a little Christmas shopping, I have added a coupon for my etsy store - so if you head over there, use coupon code
 to receive 10% off each item and I will always be happy to give shipping discounts for purchasing multiple items.


  1. You did great on that photo shoot! LOL, the props really do help sell the bling! Have fun with your vacation and l-o-n-g list of projects too!

  2. Hahahaa....I won't tell on you!
    Great shoot Girl!

  3. Beautiful photo shoot, Janice. I love coming here to see what new creations you've made. You are just SO talented!!

    No plans for the vacation? HAHAHA Sounds like a lot of work to me, but maybe it's fun work!!



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