Monday, March 28, 2016

Cedar Wax Wings

Last week, on one of my many trips outside, I noticed a huge flock of pretty birds in the variegated bush in the yard. It was a grab your big girl camera and zoom lense moment! We later determined they were cedar wax wing birds and they stopped in to completely remove all the berries off this bush / tree in the yard. 

At times, there was several dozen birds in the tree and several more waiting their turn in nearby trees. 
About 12-13 years ago, I planted this bush, from a small one gallon pot and now it stands about 15+ feet tall and has a huge canopy. There was a sweet lady who we went to church with and she had one on her yard and I just loved it and had to plant one for myself. It reminds me of variegated pittosporum, although I think it's got another name. I'm glad the tree can be beneficial to the wildlife and I was able to capture a few shots of their visit. 
To me they are pretty and have such unusual markings, the mask on the eyes, the red drops on the wings and the tip of the tail feathers looked like it has been dipped in yellow paint.
I'm glad I was able to pause a few minutes and enjoy watching them and capture the moment. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pictures from the Backwoods Marketplace

The spring Backwoods Marketplace was a blast! We had a fun market getting to visit with old friends and make many new friends and customers. Spring came in with cold and a bitter wind, but we survived and didn't get blown away! Angea and I had a total of three tents and all the stuff spilling out in front of them. We had a lot of stuff! 
The left tent housed more of Angea / Rooster Tails items. She made the lace cover to go over her blue tent, for a total glamping win! She also made drop cloth sides and we are so glad we had sides for our tents this time, since the wind was crazy. 

I'll be adding lots of new pillows to my Etsy shop in the next few weeks. I've got to catch up on a few wedding orders that came in last week.
Miss Gussie was there, showing off and giving lots of tours! 
I was shocked that the rake didn't sell - it makes a very unique door wreath or can be displayed on a porch. May have to keep it for myself! 

The redbud trees were blooming behind our display. 

Angea and I have had so much fun preparing for this event and several "business lunches" at our favorite Mexican food place to discuss our ideas! 

We couldn't have done it all without the help of our husbands (I failed to get a picture of Angea and Randy) helping set up our tents and props securely and taking it all down when it's over. They are a great road crew and support to us! 
We had two of our friends and former coworkers at the flower shop join us on Saturday to help out. We sure miss working with them. Plenty of laughs were heard around the market, all coming from our area! 
Jeff was standing in front of the booth and I told him to look at me, so I could take a picture. He grabbed a pink pony and started petting on it! 

We had one lady who came all the way from Iowa (I think I got the right "I" state, so if you are reading this and I'm wrong, please correct me!) She had found my blog through Pinterest, saw the announcement here, was planning to visit her daughter who lived in the area this week and together they came out to shop with us! I believe there was also another customer from Indiana, so I hope I didn't get their stories and states crossed. Either way, they both travelled a long ways to East Texas! 

We are so thankful for everyone who came out to shop and visit, along with the ones who organized this show and everyone who shared and got the word out. We truly appreciate you for supporting handmade and products made in the USA by local people. 
Now, who volunteers to come clean out the camper and get all the new inventory photographed and listed in my shop?!? 
P.S. We are already making plans for the fall marketplace, so mark your calendars for the weekend  before Thanksgiving in November and come to the winter wonderland!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Grab Your Purse and Come to the Backwoods Marketplace!

Y'all, grab your purse,

get in your truck,

or rope 

rustic lariat rope wreath

and saddle your best horse
Get a bike, whatever you must do! Tell everyone you've Gone Junkin' or even better, bring them along!
Gone Junkin' Bike by Angea at Rooster Tails

Follow the arrows 

For several months we've been dreaming 

of a beautiful spring day where 
(Made by Angea from Rooster Tails)
you'll find Angea and me centered around the camper booth. 

Stay a while and go the the 4H cafe. Rumor is they are serving beans and cornbread, BBQ, hot dogs, homemade deserts and drinks! (My sister in law is in charge of it, so it'll be good!) My niece and nephews are 4H members and the organization is very dear to my heart. 
French country tray by Angea of Rooster Tails
Have dinner on the grounds,
in the garden,
In the Garden framed hymn by Angea from Rooster Tails
have a cup of tea by Brenda,
Teacup arrangement by Brenda / source Backwoods Marketplace facebook group

Admire the beautiful soaps by Melody, that are almost too pretty to use!
Handmade soap by Melody / source Backwoods Marketplace

Cleo's Calling has some beautiful rustic paintings and repurposed items. 
painting by Shannon of Cleo's Calling / source Backwoods Marketplace

Cindy has oodles of jewelry in her General Merchandise tent.
Cindy's Jewelry / Source Backwoods Marketplace

Sheri has been crocheting baby items and maybe some adult sizes too.
Crotchet items by Sheri / source Backwoods Marketplace

Karen and Betty will dress your American Girl doll, with their handmade dresses using vintage fabrics. 
Carla makes primitive angels and historical items. She's been an angel organizing this market and allowing us to join their group!
Primitive Angels by Carla / source Backwoods Marketplace

I cross 

my heart you don't want to miss this!
We sure hope you can come!
HOPE by Shannon of Cleo's Calling / Source Backwoods Marketplace
Psssttt - everyone who comes is entered to win a large basket of items donated by all the exhibitors or a string trimmer (weedeater for the guys)! 
Some of the above pictures were shared by the other artisans to the Backwoods Marketplace group on Facebook. This is just a small sampling of the things we all will have available, along with several other vendors. There is suppose to be repurposed clothing, birdhouses, lots of decor items, live plants, furniture, chalk paint, and honestly I don't know what else! 

There's a few things you won't find - mass produced, over commercialized, or direct sales type stuff. We are all handmade, repurposed, vintage artisans and collectors, set up in a vintage market style. We are working to creatively display our products and nothing will be just thrown out on the table. We hear they are trying to out stage our booth with Miss Gussie, so you know the competition is on! You DO NOT want to miss this event! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Plant Chandelier

There's items you intend to sell, but then you make them and really want to keep it for yourself. Latest example: this plant chandelier! 

Here's the before picture. The chandelier got a makeover this week and 3 pots of herbs. My intentions are to take it to the Backwoods Marketplace this weekend, although, now I'm having serious doubts about it actually making on the trailer to go. 
It might get "forgotten" and stay hanging on my gazebo or it might not have room in the trailer! If there is room and I do remember to take it and nobody loves it like I do, well my feelings won't be hurt! If someone does love it like me, I'll have a good excuse to go junkin' and find me another old chandy to transform. 

So, I guess we will have to wait till Saturday morning to determine if she goes or if she stays... 

P.S. I promise to have some of the vintage chicken feeders at the market, that can be transformed into planters or rustic light fixtures. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

From the "Happy Mother of the Bride"

Last year, Dawn ordered turquoise burlap and lace bouquets and boutonnieres for her daughter's fall wedding and I received the following message and pictures from her this week. 

"Hi Janice, 

I just wanted to thank you again, for the wonderful job you did on my daughters flowers for her wedding. The wedding was 10/24/15. Sorry for the delay. Bride and flowers were beautiful, sending a few pictures. 

Wonder work, very satisfied. Would definitely recommend your product to anyone.

Happy Mother of the Bride,
photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography

photo by Madeline Garrett Photography
 I appreciate the kind words of recommendation from the Happy Mother of the Bride and I'm so thankful to work with wonderful customers that allow me to be a part of their special occasions. Sending my congratulations to the beautiful bride and her groom on their recent wedding!

All photos in this post were provided by Dawn and the wedding photographer was Dayna Healy from Madeline Garrett Photography.