Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tips for Planting Flowers in Washtubs (or other large containers.)

Today, I'm sharing another one of my spring planting videos! This one shows how I plant flowers and ferns in vintage washtubs and large upcycled containers. 

container gardening tips and tricks

Here's a little video I shared on Facebook, showing how I made this planter. 

I've had questions in the past, wondering how I can still have pretty flowers in late summer, when it's so hot. Well the answer is that I change out the plants! I arrange multiple pots in one large container and can change them out seasonally. I have doubts that the ranuculus will last very long, but they were so pretty, I wanted to give them a try. When they fade, I'll remove the pot and can add in something new. In the fall, we can add pumpkins and mums, and the display will always be evolving and changing.
tips for planting flowers in upcyled containers
 The ferns are very full and have cascading foliage that covers the edges of the container and hides all the plastic pots. Sometimes I do add some mulch around the edges, so that you don't see the mechanics and it looks like one big planting.

You do have to pay attention when watering, so that all the different plants get watered.
upcycled garden containers
 I had the large enamel dishpan in the yard (from when I had the dishpan snowman) and I decided to prop this one up in the back of the planter.
rustic garden ideas using vintage containers

So that's one of my secrets to having pretty flowers almost all year long. Hope you are enjoying the videos and ideas. 
Until next time, happy planting! 

P.S. The full gazebo reveal will be coming soon! 

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