Monday, November 7, 2011

Vacation Week - Part 1

This week, I am celebrating a week of Vacation Time or as a friend says, "Vaa-caaation"!!! Its more like a stay-cation, working on projects around the house and some creative time. We have too many animals and no one to see after them while we are gone, to be able to leave home for any length of time. But thats ok with me, it's great not having to set an alarm and hear a ringing phone all the time.

I made this ribbon and material wreath this weekend.

Last week I heard people talking about stuffed burlap door hangers. I saw a couple pictures on Pinterest and had all the material on hand, so I made this stuffed, burlap cross. What do you think? A friend let me put this in her store in town and I've had a couple orders for more, so I have broke out the sewing machine to create some more crosses. I'm thinking these will be great Christmas gifts for a few people on my list!

Here is a sneak peak of my bathroom project. This bathroom had new wall board put up around the tub several years ago, but if the board gets wet for an extended time, it swells up (the sanded places on the left side of picture). Needless to say, we  only take baths in this tub. My other shower needs work as well, so something has to be done. We found a paint for counter tops that is water proof, so we are trying it to see if it will seal the wall and allow us to take showers in here. I've got one coat on the wall and ran out of paint. I will get some more paint Wednesday and paint when the humidity is better for curing the paint. Stay tuned for the results!

The paint STINKS, so I had to take a few breaks. One time when I went outside for fresh air, I found this worm on my yellow 4:00's by the back door. I went back for my camera and experimented with different settings.  

While it sounds like my vacation has been all about work, we did go to a car show Saturday. I can't tell you the name of all these cars or hardly any details at all. Farmall Man tries to tell me stuff about them, but I just know what I like to photograph at events like this and what I think is pretty!

I thought these tools used as the gas, break, and clutch pedals was awesome! I would let FM do this to my truck. How junky cool is that?

So thats how my first few days off from my regular job have been.

Now I have a question for you - How early is too early to decorate for Christmas? I have never decorated before Thanksgiving and I'm sure my husband will have a fit, if I decorate earlier, but I have had these random crazy thoughts of decorating some towards the end of the week. Maybe just decorating my gazebo and porch area with garland and lights and inside more at Thanksgiving. I don't know yet, it'll depend on what other projects I get involved in and the weather.


  1. Love, love, love your wreath! The cross is very pretty too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your staycation. :)

  2. i do like your ribbon wreath. and your caterpillar shots are beautiful. the tools for the brake, clutch, gas, etc. are pretty nifty but i'd be afraid i'd catch my shoe on them. :)

    i don't decorate at all,so you're on your own....

  3. LOVE the wreath and cross! So pretty, Janice.

    I was lookin' at the cars, thinking since I'm older, I'd recognize what they are, but evidently I ain't that danged old. :)

    Your photo's are beautiful!!

  4. Love the wreaths!! You've been Busy on your VaCaa!
    LOVE the Worm shot!! Nice job!

  5. I seriously LOVE that wreath! I'll send you my address so that you can ship it to me, LOL! Just kidding...

    Great photos of the caterpillar! You used the depth of field well and got in for a cool closeup!

    I've decorated as early as two weeks before Thanksgiving. That's because I had time then and other things were going on Thanksgiving week. But usually, I begin the weekend after turkey day. Do whatever suits your schedule! YOU enjoy the decorations more than others, so please YOURSELF! (without making hubby upset, of course)

  6. I think that "worm" is probably a caterpillar that will eventually turn into a beautiful butterfly. I may be wrong but it's nice to fantasize anyway!


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