Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Bottomless Rusty Flower Bucket

Like I said earlier, I am loving having time in the afternoon to work in the yard. The temperatures are cooperating and time is on my side! For my container gardening this year, I am determined to reuse, recycle/upcycle, and hide all the plastic pots. I really love rusty containers and have been searching the junk stash for some cool containers. I created this hanging basket in a bottomless rusty bucket.
Yes, I said bottomless bucket. So how did I do that? I took the hanger off a used plastic hanging basket.

 I inserted the plastic pot in the bucket and used wires to tie the two containers together. The first plastic pot cracked as I squeezed it inside the metal bucket, so I got a second basket to fit.
 See, I told you, the bottom is gone out of the bucket.
 Next fill with potting soil and plant away! Verbena, Dusty Miller, Marigolds, Petunias, and Creeping Jenny are planted in the bucket.
 Next find a couple old springs to hang the bucket at desired heighth.
 Now step back and enjoy!
 I am going to fill the tray on chicken waterer with bird seed.
 I have several other rustic containers and bottomless buckets that are in need of liners, so the hunt is on to find the perfect pot to fit inside them. Have no fear though, I won't go to the store to buy a flower pot this year...No way, ain't gonna do it!

So what ya think about my junk container?

I love me some junk!

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  1. Well, you know I love it just as everything you come up with. :)

    Happy Spring!!

  2. You are a clever gal! I love the charming rusty bucket!

  3. What a fabulous rescue! I love galvanized buckets and this is so cute hanging on the porch! A junking gal after my own heart! New Linky follower

  4. I love it. seriously love it. gonna get something like it and make one for me love it!

  5. looking good NJanice ... love rusty and primitives. very creative.
    Audrey Z.@ Timeless Tresures

  6. I love your rusty bucket kind of look! Beautiful. The flowers are so nice this time of year. I bought pansies today, myself. Couldn't hold myself back anymore. Usually in Connecticut it's way too cold at this time of year to plant anything but we've had such incredibly warm weather this winter and hardly no snow. Well, enjoy your flowers... Linda

  7. just found you on pinterest-love your blog and this next project.

  8. Oh goodness... I just fell in LOVE. The spring just takes this over the edge! Thanks so much for this amazing inspiration! FUN!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 125. :)


  9. I absolutely love this idea. I'm sure I have a rusty bucket out here somewhere that's just waiting to be "loved." :)

  10. Love it!! Just my style!

    barbara jean

  11. I love all of your junk containers!! Your garden looks amazing!

  12. You have inspired me to go out into my yard to see what I can find!

  13. Your newest follower...found you through Pinterest. I just came home from the nursery and this has inspired me to really look at what is in my yard! Thanks!



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