Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gettin' All GUSSIED Up!

So Saturday went something like this...

Get up, eat breakfast, turn on glue gun.
Start making burlap roses for Caitlin's bridesmaid bouquets

I have sudden idea that I need to measure inside the camper!
Complete measurements for bedding area and ceiling area that needs repairing.
Get sidetracked and make a curtain out of a wedding dress! If you follow on Instagram you'll know I found a wedding dress at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Two tacks and she's now a curtain. I finished painting in the camper on Thursday, so I'm anxious to start decorating.

Go back inside and make more roses, all the while online shopping for a mattress and reading product reviews. Found a three quarter mattress with high praises at an affordable price, ordered it, a set of sheets, and mattress cover. Should be here in a week or so! 
Decide to go back to the camper and think about the curtains some more. What does one do with a BBQ stained tablecloth? Make curtains of course! 
The bottom half of this wall needs a few minor repairs and is going to be covered in new material, but I just couldn't help starting the gussification! I think GUSSIE is going to be her name. What do ya think? 

I couldn't stop at just these two curtains. The sewing machine was running good. (Read, I didn't have to fight the bobbin - it hates me!)

I found this little lamp at a recent garage sale, the wire frame at a resale shop and the two work great together dontcha think? I tied ribbons and twine on the frame. Don't fret, it's a battery powered votive. 

I then went to the farm for a while. I love watching all the little babies.

Also on the agenda at the farm was to photograph these bouquets. Heads up Brides to Be-
Moore Farms Rustic Weddings purchased these two bouquets to Give Away on their Facebook page in May and July. 
Head over to Moore Farms Rustic Weddings Facebook to watch for news about the upcoming giveaways. These two burlap and lace bouquets are two of the top three bouquets in my etsy shop. The other being the turquoise pictured above. 

Come home, eat supper, finish watching the Nascar race, while working on burlap corsages

I'd say Saturday was a fabulous, productive day and now I'm blogging from my cozy bench in the camper! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring on the Backroads

Come ride the backroads with me for a few minutes. It's spring and the rural landscape is showing out!

We may not have many Texas bluebonnets in our area, but the Indian Paintbrushes have been beautiful this season. We are happy to see our field of paintbrushes thicker than ever this year. 
Wisteria and red clover growing along the fence line.
I've loved this little rustic shed for a while and always intended to stop and photograph it. Last weekend I carried my big girl camera along with me, snapping photos on the dirt road. The dogwood was blooming by the shed, so this time I stopped. 
Spring green, is there a prettier color after a long winter? 
These steers looked at me like what are you doing taking our picture? Part of my trip was rainy and drizzly, but I've decided we must look for the beauty in our everyday life. Beautiful things are everywhere, not just at location x, y, or z. One person would see a patch of yellow weeds below, while another sees a field of wildflowers. 
More wisteria. 

Dogwood trees are one of my favorite spring blooming trees. 

Our sweet girl loves to travel along with us. She's definitely a back road girl. She prefers 20-25 mph, with the window half down and the wind in her face. My camera was in the seat and I looked over and had to snap a picture! On Instagram, I said this picture had four of my favorite things: dirt roads and pickup trucks, puppy dogs and fields of wildflowers. 

Thanks for traveling along with me. I hope you are enjoying spring in your parts. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Katelynn's Wedding

Katelynn was a recent customer of my shop and sent me pictures of her burlap and lace country wedding. 

Her bridal bouquet consisted of jade, tan, chocolate brown, and cream burlap roses, lace and pearl accents. 

The bridesmaid carried matching bouquets and the guys all wore jade burlap rose boutonni√®res. 
I love how hay way used to cover the ground and the country casual atmosphere.
How precious are the flower girls in their boots and dresses?!?  Each one wore a wristlet as well. 

Thank you to Katelynn for providing pictures of your wedding! Its always great to "meet" the people I work with online. I send my best wishes for you and your new husband.

(All pictures in this post provided by Katelynn)