Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Junk and Love - Rust and Romance

Junk and Love - Rust and Romance
That pretty much describes our style. We love junkin' and repurposing things, but we also really love getting to help create wedding bouquets and florals for everyone who is celebrating life's special moments together. 
This shirt design had been one of the top sellers recently. It's got lots of things we love all rolled into one graphic tee - turquoise and rusty old truck, galvanized buckets and crates of flowers, burlap, lace, chippy wood and lights. 
We were out junkin' one day and doing some picking in a old barn. We got excited when we found an old wheel. The lady said she would "love to see inside our head" so she could understand what we saw and why we got so excited about the random things we found. Well, I was seeing a funky junk wheel wreath! It sold quickly and everyone loved it. Jeff produced a couple more wheels from his junk stash out back and we made a couple more! This wheel came from a golf club caddy - how and where those came from, I really can't tell you, because we don't golf! 

funky junk repurposed wheel wreath
This was a burnt orange burlap toss bouquet that I made for a recent order. 

burlap and lace toss bouquet with burnt orange flowers
 Boots and Burlap Boutonnieres!
 These colors! The antique gold rodeo tee and sunflower bridal bouquet make me ready for summer time! 
For the love of all things vintage, chippy, rusty, romantic, and shabby! This is our booth at the Mineola Antique Fair  last week (we share the booth with Angea at Rooster Tails.) It's ever changing, but always has a rustic flare! 

This new tee pretty much sums it all up:
I love all things:
  • tattered
  • shabby 
  • cracked
  • old 
  • chippy 
  • worn
  • rusty
  • weathered
  • vintage

We've added so many more shopping options this month, hopefully making it easier for you! 

  • Our etsy shop is still open and that's where you can always find the custom / made to order wedding items and almost everything else. www.gypsyfarmgirl.etsy.com
  • We've added a new website www.RustandRomance.com whic included the ability to:
  • Shop directly on our Facebook page. Got to facebook.com/thegypsyfarmgirl and you should be able to scroll down and see some of the items. Click to expand or go to the "Shop" tab. 
  • Some items can also be found on ebay, if that's your preferred avenue (mostly tee shirts, boots, and ready made wedding items.) 
  • Shop in person at the Mineola Antique Fair held the second weekend of the month in Mineola, Texas. The June show will mark our one year anniversary with the fair! 
Remember, if you don't see your size in stock on a t shirt, send me a message and I'll be happy to make one for you! I didn't have enough of the new "Love all things" tee for this weekends show, so I have been making more and shipping them out this week. We are a small business and don't keep a huge inventory in stock, although we can get more blank shirts in stock pretty fast. 

Same goes for wedding bouquets - always happy to create custom bouquets in your colors. Please reach out and we can discuss your ideas and needs. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Rural Route

The rural route... country rounds, the scenic route, back roads, dirt roads, farm to market roads... 

It's tree lined black tops and wisteria climbing the trees. 

It's chickens crossing the road in front of you and the intoxicating smell of honeysuckle in the springtime. 

 It's old churches and cemeteries dotting the communities, along the way.
 It's breathtaking, unforgettable sunsets and the stars are brighter at night.

It's old barns and farmhouses, surrounded by fields of livestock. 

 It's driving 17 mph hour behind a farmer driving a tractor and knowing they are working hard, feeding the country, while probably barely making ends meet. You wave as you finally get a chance to pass as a way of saying thank you for your hard work and saying we've been there too. (Although, I've had cigarettes thrown at me, while driving a tractor down a farm road.)

Sometimes you take the dirt road and sometimes your boots are muddy.

It's a raised flag on the mail box and leaving a note and the mail lady pulls in and you visit while they scan in your boxes. (Oh how we miss our mail lady that retired! Can't wait till her replacement is officially confirmed.)

It's no matter the weather, you must get out and take care of business. No snow days and staying indoors all day. 

Sometime's there's cows out and in some places they actually have the right of way, due to some old free range laws still in effect. 

 It's bluebonnets and windmills in the springtime.
 It's farm to market roads that really do take us from the farm to the markets.

It's being broke down on the way to the market and having these pretty mules watch you change a tire on the farm truck. 

It's ice cream at the DQ after getting your load safely delivered and sharing with your best dog.

It's wildflowers in the summer time and praying hard for rain, because drought can be devastating out here. 

 It's rusty tractors and rustic wedding bouquets. 

It's cute baby calves and selfies. 

When you see daffodils blooming, without a nearby house, you ponder who lived there before and know there has to be an old well nearby. You wonder what the yard looked like, when the house and place was tended to on a regular basis and see how strong the daffodils are, to remain without any care or attention. 

Yes, it takes you longer to get where you're going, but that's more time to listen to the radio and enjoy the scenic route. It's less red lights and horns honking are either to say "howdy" as a neighbor passes by or to call the cows up from the back forty. 

It's time to think and dream. 

It's a raised hand on the steering wheel, as you meet someone.

It's where we learned to drive, way before they "officially" taught us in driver's ed. 

It's front porches (gazebos) and lightning bugs. 

It's what inspires us.

It's where we work.

It's almost all we know (Save two years in a college dorm and the only time in my life where we had pizza delivery. That town was 5 times my home town where I came from and my roommates thought they were in the boonies, and I was like "y'all don't even know what that is!" By hometown, I'm referring to 12 miles away.)

It's home.

It's simply where we belong

 This new shirt was inspired by my life on the Rural Route and it's for all of you who enjoy those same things. It has a old red truck, star, sunflowers, burlap roses. a rooster, cactus, a Farm Road sign, and a distressed red, white, and blue damask background.

This new shirt was inspired by my life on the Rural Route and it's for all of you who enjoy those same things. It has a old red truck, star, sunflowers, burlap roses. a rooster, cactus, a Farm Road sign, and a distressed red, white, and blue damask background.

I guess I should also tell you about my new website, that I've recently launched. It's called Rust and Romance and well, it's a boutique for those who appreciate the rural lifestyle and things of the past,  with a little rust mixed in, all while enjoying it with the ones you love. 

Rust and Romance -

Let me point out that our etsy shop, GypsyFarmGirl is STILL open and will remain open. This will be an additional stand alone website that I run and offers more opportunities for you to shop our goods. It includes being able to shop directly on Facebook and we have some of our items on eBay as well. Fingers crossed, we can eventually link it up with our Instagram account, as well. The new website is still a work in progress, as I get it all set up and figured out, so if you experience any glitches, please, please let me know. 

You can find this new Rural Route shirt on the new site right now, along with lots of other vintage style graphic tees. We've got most of our ready to ship items added to the new page, although the custom made to order items haven't been added yet. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Rustic Burlap Wedding Flowers

Recently, we've had some custom request for new burlap color combinations.  The Etsy Trend Report predicts that Burnt Orange will be one of the 2019 top color trends and this was  a recent order requesting burnt orange, tan, and white burlap roses with ivory lace.rustic burlap wedding flowers in burnt orange, tan, and white
 This wedding had bouquets in every size, so I thought this would be a good time to label and show the different sizes, side by side. The bridal and medium size bouquets both have the lace collar around the edges, while the small bridesmaid bouquet and toss bouquets only have the tufts of burlap or "leaves" around the edges. Often, the medium size bouquet is used for the maid or matron of honor to carry, while the smaller option is carried by the remaining bridesmaids in the wedding party.
burnt orange wedding bouquets
We also made boutonnieres to match for the groom and groomsmen. 
Another new color combination featured mint green, blush pink, pink, and tan burlap roses, ivory lace, hunter green leaves and just a touch of chocolate brown used for the stems of the bouquets and boutonnieres. 
pink and green wedding flowers
 The bridal bouquet had mint green roses added to it, while the bridesmaid bouquets only had the shades of pink and tan roses.
rustic bride and bridesmaid bouqouts
 The groom and father of the bride had a mint green bout, while the groomsmen had pink roses.
rustic wedding buttonholes
 This mint green pin on corsage was made for the mother of the bride.
mother's corsage in mint and ivory

Both of the above color combinations have now been added to my shop. Of course, if you want custom colors or other variations, you can always message me for a custom order and changes can be made. 

The following color combinations are long time favorites! 

For the turquoise  - the bride chose to carry a medium size bouquet, while the bridesmaids were actually carrying the toss bouquets. For budget conscience bride's, this is one way to scale back and save a little bit. 

burlap and lace wedding flowers in turquoise.
We also did this very simple corsage for the mother of the bride and groom. A rose with just a little bit of lace and pearls. 
rustic wedding corsage
Navy has long been a favorite of bride's! 
navy burlap and lace bridal bouquet