Friday, August 16, 2019

Vintage Lace and Doily Tunic Top

I've been brainstorming and wanting to create some type of lace top for a while now. Wednesday, I had to go to Longview (about 35  miles away) to pickup flower supplies. On my way to there, I finally got the vision for what I wanted to make and couldn't wait to get back home. Even though I had a few wreaths that had to be made, I had to dig out my buckets of lace, doilies, and hankies, and lay out my idea! 

No pattern, no measuring, I just started laying everything out. I was able to get everything pinned and started sewing, before I had to quit and go make wreaths, that had to be delivered Thursday morning.
Thursday afternoon, I was able to get back to the sewing machine and 4 bobbin refills later, the top is finished! I believe this is the first clothing item that I have made from scratch. I always tell people I add to shirts, but don't make them... truth be told, I struggle trying to read a pattern. I really should have wrote down the measurements for this one, though. 

While we were out Thursday morning, we found the pants at a garage sale... they were super cute and I knew I had to have them! Got them home and they were too big. The top folds over like yoga pants, so I decided to sew the flap down and insert an elastic piece. Pretty happy with how they turned out as well and they matched my new tunic top! 

Good news is that I didn't have sewing machine issues while I was working on this  (read: no mental breakdown, hissy fits, or ugly words!)  and I've got plenty of lace to make more! I am planning to make a few more before our show at Vintage Market Days of East Texas in September, so stay tuned.

This was my Thursday morning Facebook post and I think it sums up this top! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Turquoise burlap and lace wedding flowers

Earlier in the summer, I made a set of turquoise burlap boutonnieres for an August wedding. Not long ago, the bride messaged me through my etsy shop and ask if I could please call her.

burlap boutonniere for rustic themed wedding
My first thought was "is something wrong with them," then I remembered her wedding date and thought maybe she needed to order something else. I called her and she was panicked. She had ordered her bouquets from that big website that starts with an A, way back in June and her order was cancelled in August and she wondered if there any possible way I could help her? 

I reassured her that I could get them made in time and not to worry!

rustic burlap wedding bouquets

We finished up her order and shipped it off to Arizona this week, with a few weeks still to go before her wedding. Her wedding deadline was longer than my current turn around time on orders, so I was able to complete the bouquets, without it even being considered a rush order. If you need bouquets in a hurry - please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm here to help make your wedding as stress free as possible! 

(The bride wanted a small bouquet with turquoise, tan, and brown flowers and white lace, She had a toss bouquet to coordinate, while all of the bridesmaids will carry a 6 rose bouquet with tan and brown burlap roses.) 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Pumpkins Made from Spools of Crochet Thread

A few weeks ago, we were out junkin' and I came across some spools of crochet thread. I immediately knew I wanted to make pumpkins out of the spools of thread. 
fabric pumpkins
 After getting home, I realized each spool had a started piece of work poked in the center of the spool, (most still attached.) 
fabric pumpkin
 One even had the ladies needle in there. So the sewing became the leaves on the pumpkins and the needle became the stem on one.

fabric pumpkins
 I had a random bag of sewing things that I had picked up at an estate sale last year, which included several wooden thread spools, so I decided to use them as the stems of the pumpkins, then I added some burlap flowers.
Looking back, it was an older man and most likely his daughter working the garage sale. I’m thinking these were started projects left by his wife and her mother. While I can’t complete her sewing or know her vision for these, I did make something new with what she had, without discarding what was started.
crochet thread pumpkins

While I'm considering them pumpkins, they could really just be decoration in someone's sewing room all year long. They certainly remind me of my Grandmama's house and days gone by...