Monday, April 22, 2019

Rustic Burlap Wedding Flowers

Recently, we've had some custom request for new burlap color combinations.  The Etsy Trend Report predicts that Burnt Orange will be one of the 2019 top color trends and this was  a recent order requesting burnt orange, tan, and white burlap roses with ivory lace.rustic burlap wedding flowers in burnt orange, tan, and white
 This wedding had bouquets in every size, so I thought this would be a good time to label and show the different sizes, side by side. The bridal and medium size bouquets both have the lace collar around the edges, while the small bridesmaid bouquet and toss bouquets only have the tufts of burlap or "leaves" around the edges. Often, the medium size bouquet is used for the maid or matron of honor to carry, while the smaller option is carried by the remaining bridesmaids in the wedding party.
burnt orange wedding bouquets
We also made boutonnieres to match for the groom and groomsmen. 
Another new color combination featured mint green, blush pink, pink, and tan burlap roses, ivory lace, hunter green leaves and just a touch of chocolate brown used for the stems of the bouquets and boutonnieres. 
pink and green wedding flowers
 The bridal bouquet had mint green roses added to it, while the bridesmaid bouquets only had the shades of pink and tan roses.
rustic bride and bridesmaid bouqouts
 The groom and father of the bride had a mint green bout, while the groomsmen had pink roses.
rustic wedding buttonholes
 This mint green pin on corsage was made for the mother of the bride.
mother's corsage in mint and ivory

Both of the above color combinations have now been added to my shop. Of course, if you want custom colors or other variations, you can always message me for a custom order and changes can be made. 

The following color combinations are long time favorites! 

For the turquoise  - the bride chose to carry a medium size bouquet, while the bridesmaids were actually carrying the toss bouquets. For budget conscience bride's, this is one way to scale back and save a little bit. 

burlap and lace wedding flowers in turquoise.
We also did this very simple corsage for the mother of the bride and groom. A rose with just a little bit of lace and pearls. 
rustic wedding corsage
Navy has long been a favorite of bride's! 
navy burlap and lace bridal bouquet

Saturday, April 20, 2019

"Live Life in the Fast Lane!" *advise from 89 year old vintage market shoppers

The stories from the market are the best! Getting to meet and visit with all of you, makes it fun and so worth it!
graphic tee shirt

Friday morning of the last Mineola Antique Fair, two ladies enter our booth, looking all sweet and nice. They look at a chenille bedspread and one tells me she got one of those as a wedding gift, 72 years ago!

vintage market space

Wow!!! I’m doing math in my head, thinking I hope I get around that good in my late 80’s or 90’s, as this conversation continues.
She moves down and starts reading the wash clothes. “Made of sugar and spice. Who says I have to be nice.” She bust out laughing and here I thought this sweet little lady might be turned off by that one...

She reads another: “Live life in full bloom...

...Nope, that’s not us, our motto is live life in the fast lane!”
“Oh yeah?!? I need to make a graphic and or tee shirt with that!”
“Oh yes, with a car or a black motorcycle on it... We’re the 80’s ladies. Well, till July anyways, then we’ll be the ladies of the 90’s!”
I show them a pink convertible graphic on my phone. “Oh yeah, that’d be cool!”
So take it from the fun 89 year old best friends: Live life in the fast lane - don't let it pass you by! 

Loved getting to visit with them! But dang y’all, I wish I’d got a picture with them or at least their names. I sure hope they come back again!

So the night after the show, I created this graphic, then I had to follow up and make shirts! 
pink convertible car with 2 women

Angea said the two girls in the car remind her of the two of us. (we share the booth and often go junkin' together.) She's the short haired driver with reddish pink hair, while I'm the one with a cowgirl hat on and turquoise! I didn't design it that way on purpose - I just took two of my digital graphic darlin's that were facing the same direction and looked like they belonged in the convertible together! 

The shirts are now available in my etsy shop or we will have them at the next Mineola Antique Fair in May! Don't see your size or want it on a different style shirt -  please send me a message and I can make more! 

Live Life in the Fast Lane - 
Don't let it pass you by! 

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Swinging from the Rafters!

"Ummm, we gotta lotta junk."

"Meee too friend!!!"

Text messages between Angea and I this week, as we prepared for the Mineola Antique Fair. 

Where we gonna put it all.??? It's not all gonna all fit...

Yes, it will. It always does... (but,) we gotta go UP! 

 Today was our workday to get our booth ready for the show this weekend. Angea and I have been doing lots of huntin' and pickin' lately and have lots of new (old) inventory for our booth. So we needed to get more creative with our display. The building has these awesome rafters, so we added more overhead display space.

We used a lariat rope to hang this baby bed spring, then we made S hooks (with baling wire) to hang the buckets, pans, butterflies, a cotton scale and a chandelier. The building is 112 years old and was originally a cotton warehouse, so I'm sure there have been plenty of the old cotton scales used in there. The building has a dock and the railroad tracks are nearby, so that cotton was loaded on the rails, back in the day. (The long metal piece with a hook on it and the two weights are the cotton scale.)

 We also hung a grapevine wreath, but it was parallel to the floor, so it became another pot holder.
 We've got so many items that would make great garden planters! You know, all of us junkers and vintage souls are helping save the Earth by rescuing, repurposing, upcycling, and reusing all kinds of things. Used lariat ropes, hay baling wire, chains, rebar, a piece of a wire fence panel, the bed spring, wreath, and twine were all used to at no additional cost to us! No trips to the store for hardware or supplies!

 We are excited about how our booth looks this month! We are open from 9-5, Friday and Saturday. (the show is held the 2nd weekend of the month.) For more info about the show, check out Mineola Antique Fair website or their facebook page.

We've got several chandeliers hanging around as well and have had our tin signs and a few things hanging from the very beginning of our space, so we just added a few more layers. 
I also wanted to hang this chalkboard somewhere, with our social media links, so visitors could connect with us. Thank goodness, our husbands went with us today and helped with hanging ans attaching things up high! Angea and I couldn't do everything we do, without our guys helping out behind the scenes!