Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

Happy Fall Y'all! 
Guess I should have posted this yesterday, but better late than never. Right? I've started this post several times and then got side tracked. Now the electricity is out, so playing on my phone is all I can do. So, here's my welcome to fall pictures! 
American Beauty Berry above and below my day lilies celebrated the changing of the seasons by reblooming this fall. 
Rudy cat enjoys her perch by the Hens and Chicks. 

We are ever so thankful for a 5 1/2 inch rain on Friday. Our ponds are full again and the temperatures are just right near perfect. The parched grass from the hot summer is turning green again. Fall is a joyful season and I'm ready to enjoy it! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Checkin' In from the Dirt Road

Hey y'all! Good gosh, can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged. 

It's been a busy summer here and sometimes it doesn't seem like there's enough hours in the day. I recently photographed engagement and family pictures on a really neat place. 

I wanted to share a few out takes from the photo shoot. These were a few pictures captured by my phone as we wandered the property and travelled down the dirt roads. There was so much stuff, even without the family to photograph 😉

I mean, there was all kinds of vintage, antique trucks and equipment and look at all the signs on the barn. I wish my sign collection was a tenth of what these folks have! 

This rock pier was an awesome stage for the family pictures! 
Then we travelled down the winding dirt road for what seemed like forever. 

Then we stopped by the deer stand and took a few pictures for the camo themed wedding. It was all about huntin', guns and camo at this stop. 
Then we were allowed to use this cabin for more pictures. The photo shoot kept getting better and better! 
I truly enjoyed spending the morning lost on the dirt roads with a camera in hand! After the wedding, maybe I can share a few pictures of the adorable family.