Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Going to Switzerland

A few weeks ago, I got an etsy message in a language I couldn't read. Thanks to online translators, I found out someone in Switzerland was wanting a rustic bridal bouquet and boutonnière from me. Switzerland! GypsyFarmGirl is going world wide y'all! Well, not me exactly, but my work is going to be a part of a wedding there this winter. 
After a few messages back and forth, we worked out all the details and Maryline ordered a sage green burlap, lace, tulle, and feather bridal bouquet along with a matching burlap boutonnière for the groom.

Today, the bouquets started their trek from East Texas all the across the pond. I found out how to map my sales last week and it's exciting to see that lone little dot in Switzerland! I discovered I've had orders from 44 US states and 3 countries, although this was the first international one to be shipped outside the US.  

Some days, I'm in aww of all the support and many brides who have chose to have me be a part of their special day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glamping and My First S'mores

I went camping last night and realized I have been deprived all my life! Why you ask? It was the first time I ever ate a s'mores cooked over a campfire! Oh my gosh! Yum! 
I bought this little s'mores making contraption in the camping section and gathered the graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey bars this week and then me and my girls went camping. I shared a few crackers with them, but they kept looking at me like when you going to give us the good stuff? I can't believe I have missed out on all the goodness for so long. 
These two love to go camping with me and serve as my guard dogs. Nothing escapes their watchful eye and they are so sweet to snuggle up with in all our pillows and old quilts. 

It's been a great weekend.  Now tell me, what other campfire foods should I be trying next time I go glamping? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

All things Yam

This week is our county fair affectionally called the YAMBOREE. Yes, that's Yam not jamboree. 
The fair started in the 30's to celebrate the sweet potato cash crops in the county and now celebrates it's 77th anniversary and a huge homecoming celebration. Our town of 5,000 swells to 100,000 visitors over the week as pageants, carnivals, livestock shows, 2 parades, along with pie, canning, quilt, photography, art, fiddle, and band marching contest are held. I'm sure I've missed a few other events in there. 
It's a really BIG deal here- the downtown streets shut down for the carnival, businesses close, and school is dismissed as the county youth participate in all the activities. 
My once a year corny dog from the fair! Gotta have it! 
In 2010, I won the Yam Pie Contest! I only made 4 tater pies this year opposed to 13 some years. My grandmama and aunts were all previous winners of the same contest. 
Some of my favorite Yamboree memories were showing my steers and heifers with FFA. The steers were sold as part of the livestock auction and bought by local community supporters. 
I miss the livestock showing days- they were the fun times! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn Trails Tractor Show

Saturday we went to the Autumn Trails Antique Tractor Show and Pull. 

Hands down, my favorite, was this HOT PINK Super A Farmall! 

How sweet is she?
She even had a Rosie the Riveter emblem on her. Now, I wonder if I can convince someone to paint me a pink tractor? 

Of course my husband loved the Super C rigged out with all the plows and the little Allis Chalmers G "Grasshopper". 
It was a rainy Saturday morning (for which we are thankful). We went after lunch and there wasn't as many tractors due to the weather. There was still a cool drizzle in the air as we looked around, so I snapped a few pictures with my phone. I wouldn't break out my big girl camera with the moisture in the air. 
Look at the cute little baby John Deere. 

We got to see some of the pulling competition. 
Each tractor pulls this weighted sled down the track, to see which tractor can pull it the farthest. 

One of our antique Farmalls has found a parking spot close to the house, so I've decided to start using it as a photo prop! 
Burlap roses, sunflowers, and tractors... Just seems like a great combination to me! (Both bouquets are now listed in my shop and ready for immediate shipping.) 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Burlap Brooch Bouquet

I created this burlap brooch bridal bouquet and listed it in my etsy shop recently. Shades of brown burlap and vintage gold toned brooches, along with ivory lace comprise the rustic glam bouquet. 

If I was planning my own wedding, I do believe this would have to be the bouquet for me! Since I'm already married, it's now available to one special bride to be. 
I've photographed the bouquet in several settings and can't figure out which location is my favorite, so I thought I would share some of them here. 
Natural tan, chocolate brown, and the new Idaho potato burlap roses are the base of the bouquet. 

I have been collecting brooches and jewelry from estate sales over the past year. I think there are 27 gold toned pieces included along with a pretty vintage lace. 

An assortment of pearl clusters, flowers, leaves, feathers, and rope style pieces are nestled among the roses in this one of a kind bouquet. 

I've always loved the neutral, earthy shades of brown and cream and this bouquet just makes me happy. 

The handle of the bouquet handle is layered with tan burlap and ivory lace.
There will never be another bouquet just like this one, so run over to my etsy shop now to get it before it's gone. As a special to my blog readers- Use the coupon code TAKETEN  to get a $10.00 discount when purchasing.