Wednesday, February 2, 2022

11 Years of GypsyFarmGirl

On a cold, dark winter night, 11 years ago, a girl took a huge step and established an Etsy shop, blog, and email address… she didn’t tell anyone she knew, because she didn’t think much would ever come of it. She was simply Janice from Texas - no last name or town… She worked a full time job in town, but wanted to make a little extra with things she created at night and on the weekends… the first year was really slow, but she kept making a few things along the way. She laughs and says she made her Christmas shopping money that year and it was just enough to buy some supplies to make Christmas gifts. She didn’t throw away her burlap scraps and a month later made her first burlap and lace bouquet with those scraps. It was the first of its kind online and now they have been shipped worldwide. She didn’t give up and kept trying and things have turned out to be more than she ever dreamed. Things have evolved, grown, pivoted, shifted, and the last year has been the best one yet… she thrifted her way into business, junked, made wreaths, started upcycling flannels, did a “one time” show that turned into something she really loves, learned a new printing process that opened up a world of opportunities and product lines. She left a job doing flowers, to only have y’all request her work… seriously, more than she ever dreamed that winter night, when she finally got the guts to open a shop.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey.

If she could tell you one thing it’s - don’t fail to do the things, just because you don’t know how. Research, read, research some more, and try, try, try. In this day and time, we have so much information at our fingertips, that we can learn so much...

P.S. I know it's been a while since I blogged... so much has been happening our our business has been growing so much in the last year. My niece Brenna helps me a few days a week now and we have a busy year planned. Honestly, I've been contemplating closing my etsy shop and having my personal website as my only online shop, so if you are reading this in the future, and can't find me on etsy, please refer to my website at (You can also shop our website through Facebook and Instagram, as it is all connected together.)