About Me

I'm Janice - aka Gypsy Farm Girl

am married to a great man
own a beef cattle farm and an etsy store
am a full time floral designer
photographer who
got published in FOLK magazine this year
 am creative
can drive a tractor and a stick shift
am not afraid to get dirty
like to d.i.m.  (do it myself)
love vintage, antiques, and junk
can be very sentimental at times
like to scrapbook, when time permits
am very frugal
love garage sale and Goodwill shopping
likes to repurpose items
can't live without my scissors, wire cutters, and glue gun
supports the hand made way of life
am "mama" to my four-legged "peeps"
love country-living
am proud to be Texan
am a farm girl.

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