Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Fall Drive

With the drought this year, we feared the fall colors would be rather boring. Lots of trees have died and turned a sad brown color, although over the past two weeks, the leaves on many of trees have transitioned into brilliant colors.
 This winding road takes me into town each day and one afternoon last week I stopped a few times to take a few pictures.

Sometimes you have to look back on your journey and see where you have been. Its true what they say about turning around and taking pictures of the scene behind you.
We had our first frost last week and some of the plants in the yard were damaged, yet it was over 80 degrees today. (I was wearing shorts while putting up my Christmas Tree!) So what are the leaves looking like around you?


  1. These are Pretty Janice!
    Our leaves aren't turning that fast...pretty colors!!

  2. Your first picture looks very much like the road in front of our place. I too thought we would be lacking in fall color due to the drought but I've been pleasantly surprised. The beautiful colors just didn't last long enough.


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