Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I had to work a couple hours at the flower shop today and then I went shopping for a few hours! Don't fret though, it wasn't bad! Our town doesn't have a mall or any of the huge stores that lure the masses of crazy people. I had a 20% off coupon for Bealls and found a pair of warm and fuzzy lined boots already on sale for 50% off. $75.00 boots for $30.00! Next week is suppose to be much colder and my feet are always cold, so I'll be wearing my new boots alot!

Then I decided to venture to Wal Mart. I was needing a few crafting items and had a few items in the sale paper circled. Wal Mart seemed calmer at 1:00 today, than 5:00 any other day of the week. I didn't even have to wait in line to check out! I wasn't in search of the big tickets items, so there was no disappointment here. I got a iPad accesory kit for $15.00 with a screen cover, car charger, USB plug, and stylus. We looked at a stylus last week for $12.00, so it was a good deal. I found some cute clothes for my little nephew and got him a Cars table and chairs. I found a new jacket for me too! Hey, its gonna be cold next week...Me cold = bad mood!

When I got home, I decided to decorate my gazebo before the frigid weather gets here. We are expecting rain in the morning, so I didn't know when my next opportunity to decorate would be. I finished at dark tonight, so I'll take pictures and share soon. I have a garden themed tree in the gazebo.

Never before have I put a tree up before Thanksgiving, but I did get started on my indoor tree last weekend. I'm not completely through decorating it though. I got the tree at a garage sale a few weeks ago and decided the small tree would fit in our house better than my large tree. Our cat, Annie, loves to sit by the tree on top of the sewing machine and gaze out the window. The tree has a very vintage theme and I will share more pictures soon.

So what did you do on Black Friday? Shopping, Decorating, Eating leftovers, Spending time with family?


  1. I'm looking forward to your pictures!

    I did get most of my decorating done today. Whew!

  2. You are really getting prepared! GOOD for You! I also had to go out yesterday and the only place that was Really crowded was THAT was awful! I just left!
    Raining here too...Going to be 31 tonight here in Waco...Guess I'd better get moving and do some preparing myself!

  3. There's no way that you can get me out shopping on black Friday around here! It is a madhouse during normal days, but at Christmas time it is terrible. Sounds like you got some really good buys! We're starting our decorating today. I got a little telecommuting work done yesterday (just a couple of hours), and hubby cooked up a big turkey dinner for us. We had dinner at friends on Thursday, so we had to fix one for ourselves yesterday, LOL. We relaxed and had a good day chilling too.

  4. I forgot to say that I love your little tree!

  5. Great going on the things you bought, girl. Yeah, around here it's go at your own risk on BF. I stayed home. LOL

    LOVE your cute little tree. Can't wait to see the gazebo. You know it isn't cold here, but it's chilly!! :)


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