Monday, April 29, 2013

Farm Wedding Decorations

I wanted to share a few more pictures of
Kadyn and Matt's Vintage Farm Wedding Decorations.

The back drop for the wedding ceremony was a grouping of vintage doors and shutters adorned with honey suckle garland and an assortment of sunflowers and foliage. All the flowers on the back drop were silk stems that were purchased at a garage sale in new condition! Shepherd Hooks with fresh daisies and babies breath lined the aisle.

Columns were stacked on wooden pallets, disguised by quilts and stabilized by hay bales to form the entry way to the outdoor, cow pasture ceremony. A ladder with a shabby chic curtain finished the look. 

We had some concerns at one point in the wedding planning if the burlap table clothes would arrive in time for the wedding, (they were stuck in customs), so we ordered a 100 yards of burlap in case we had to use it instead. The table clothes came in time and we had lots of burlap on hand for the wedding, therefore a burlap wedding aisle was a given. 

The parents and grandparents sat on bales of hay covered in antique quilts, while all the guest sat around the spools. Extra quilts were placed in a basket for any one to grab if they didn't want to sit directly on the hay.

In memory of the bride's grandparents, pictures from their wedding day and sentimental items were nestled among the quilts on an empty row of hay bales.

The antique Singer sewing machine was the bride's great-grandmother's on her Mom's side of the family, while the pitcher holding a bouquet of sunflowers and daisies was her other great-grandmothers on her Dad's side. The sewing machine served as the registry table, with guest signing cards and leaving them in the old mail box.

 I had some extra flowers left over and couldn't let them go to waste. Hay bales were grouped around the food serving lines and I draped lace, signs, and random buckets around the area. I quickly gathered bunches of daisies and tied them with a piece of twine.

The same went with the keg below - I simply arranged all the extra flowers  in the container beside the water cooler.

As we cleaned up, I found the bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres scattered about on the tables.

 A few more pictures of the center pieces...
 As I mentioned in earlier post, the wind was blowing like crazy. The fruit jars would not stand up in their own and had to be secured to the tables. You might notice the rusty nails that braced the jars and kept them from blowing over.

Sources: Doors and shutters for backdrop, columns and curtain for entry way came from
Burlap table clothes were ordered from All the Makings.
Wooden spools were gathered from the local electric companies.
All other items were either family heirlooms or purchased at flea markets, Goodwill, Salvation Army, random junk dug out of our houses and shops or rescued at garage sales and occasionally a trash pile.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Krystle and Jared's Burlap and Lace Wedding

Krystle and Jared's Wedding

Krystle contacted my etsy store recently about ordering burlap and lace bridal bouquets for her wedding.  I have an open invintation for any GypsyFarmGirl bride to have her wedding pictures featured here. This week, Krystle sent me pictures from her and Jared's recent Maine wedding. It's exciting to see one of my bouquets in the hands of a bride.

photos by Sarah Marble Photography

Photo by Sarah Marble Photography
From the looks of it,  the groom is a firefighter and she added the firefighter's badge to her bridal bouquet.

Photograph by Sarah Marble Photography
 Krystle carried a medium size bouquet with turquoise, tan, chocolate, and cream colored burlap and ivory lace. The bridesmaids carried the small size bouquets.
Photo by Sarah Marble Photography

Krystle let me know that her bouquet was featured on the Real Maine Weddings Facebook page as well.
Photo by Sarah Marble Photography

Photo by Sarah Marble Photography

Photo by Sarah Marble Photography

photo by Sarah Marble Photography

I want to say thank you to Krystle for allowing me to design her wedding bouquets and for sending me pictures of your special day. I wish you and your husband many years of happiness together.

All photos of Krystle and Jared's Wedding where taken my Sarah Marble Photography.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Junk Style Photo Booth at a Vintage Farm Wedding

A surprise element of Kadyn and Matt's burlap and lace vintage farm wedding was a Junk Gypsy inspired photo booth. The bride wanted the wedding to be fun and relaxed, complete with horse shoes, a ring toss, washers, a hay bale lined dance floor, and even a roping dummy, so I decided a photo booth would be a fun feature.

Photo Booth
 Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom is on my Bucket List, but someone always has to get married at the same time, so I created us a junk style photo booth. One day, I will get to prom! Until then, we will create our own fun here.
photo booth at a farm wedding
Some of you may remember me buying a wedding dress last fall. I couldn't decide what to do with - resell, cut it up for lace, make curtains, or what. It came out of the closet for an appearance in the photo booth!

vintage photo booth

We bought an old and ugly brass chandalier at a garage sale, stripped the wiring and fixtures, then painted it. I then glued fruit jars to the chandy and hung it in the booth. Kerri bought the two vintage stadium chairs at a flea market for $5.00 each! 

Photo Booth at a Vintage Farm Wedding
Kerri had this mirror and a seperate mirror stand that she kept asking me how could we use it in the wedding. The two weren't the same size, but with a little burlap intertwined, noone knew the difference. Hey, ever girl needs to look in the mirror before taking her picture, so it found a place near the photo booth! 
 written in lipstick of course and inspired by some Miranda Lambert lyrics! 

 Extra plants and signs were displayed by the photo booth. An old Dr. Pepper crate with empty soda pop bottles served as a ring toss for the kids. Wide mouth canning jar rings were used for the toss.
photo booth

I had originally been on the look out for a cool awning from an old house, but never found one. Then we thought about building a tin roof top. My husband and helper wound up not feeling good the weekend before the wedding and I was running out of time. One evening I came home from work and built the myself! I had rounded up a few "L" brackets and a bucket of screws. I drug three (extremely heavy) doors out in the yard in front of my work shop and started putting it together. I realize I had an old window that would be the perfect measurement to serve as the roof. I then knew what it was going to look like and it was going to work. There was only one problem - it was too HEAVY. I couldn't stand it up alone, nor could it be moved by two people. So I had to take it apart and reassemble it on sight.

photo booth
 Kerri, the Mother of the Bride and my very good friend, and I stopped to take a picture during rehearsal.
photo booth

burlap and lace wedding bouquet
As soon as Kadyn and Matt were married, I snapped a few pictures of them at the photo booth. Of course, one of the super cute flower girls had to photo bomb the bride and groom! 

burlap and lace bridal bouquet

A funny little side note - when Kadyn drove up to the pasture for the first time she ask - "what in the heck is the out house doing up there?" I then had to explain it was a photo booth and the out house came next! 

The Outhouse

We had a few more extra chippy peely doors left to work with and I decided to disguise the port-a-potties the best way we could! I scrounged up a piece of rusty tin out of the junk pile and painted the sign for the real Out House and used a few left over elements to decorate it. 


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kadyn and Matt's Burlap and Lace Vintage Farm Wedding

 I had the pleasure of coordinating, decorating, and photographing 
Kadyn and Matt's Vintage Farm Wedding
 this past weekend. 
It was a fun, western / vintage wedding and Kadyn carried a burlap and lace bridal bouquet. 
Vintage farm wedding
I have known Kadyn for many years and was honored to work with her family to create her dream wedding. 
vintage farm wedding

 She wanted a very country, western, in the cow pasture wedding and we did our best to bring her ideas to life. I surprised them with a Junk Gypsy Inspired Photo Booth (in back ground). Read about the photo booth and see it Here.
Vintage farm wedding
The bridesmaids wore boots with dresses and denim jackets and carried bouquets of sunflowers and white daisies. The hand tied bouquets were wrapped with burlap and then accented with lace ribbon. 
burlap and lace

 The ceremony and reception was held in a cow pasture on a very windy afternoon. The parents and grandparents sat on rows of hay bales covered with vintage quilts, while guest were casually seated around wooden spools.
burlap and lace wedding
As I mentioned earlier, it was very windy on the day of the wedding. Nothing would stand upright, without being secured. With 30 Mason Jar centerpieces, we had to come up with a plan to keep flowers on the burlap covered tables. Someone came up with the idea to place nails around the fruit jars. So three hours before the wedding, we secured the wildflowers to the table! The table clothes had to be stapled down as well. 

vintage farm wedding
 This was one of my favorite pictures from the entire wedding! The two ring bearers were absolutely adorable. One led the couple's dog, Sadie, while the other carried a "Here Comes the Bride" sign.
daisy flower arrangement
Kadyn's only request for flowers was: white daisies, sunflowers, and "those flowers that grow on the side of the road", with a yellow and white color scheme. The centerpieces consisted of white daisies, sundaisies, yellow buttons, solidago, babies breath, and verigated pitt. 

vintage burlap  and lace bridal bouquet
I had originally ask Kadyn to help me model a few bouquets for my store, then a few weeks later she ask me to design her wedding. She chose to carry a burlap and lace wedding bouquet with tan, chocolate, and cream colored burlap and ivory lace. I ask her mother to keep the lace when the dress alterations were complete and was able to add some of that lace to her bouquet. As a surprise to Kadyn, three pair of her grandmother's earrings were included in the bouquet. 

vintage farm wedding

Some of the rusty planters from my yard were used as centerpieces on the tables. This is one of my rustic chicken feeders, surrounded by lace. 
vintage farm wedding

Kadyn's mother is one of my best friends. She worked very hard to gather up lots of the supplies, vintage doors, decorations, quilts, and lace for the wedding. I enjoyed working with her to create her daughters wedding.  I want to say thank you to Kadyn for being such a wonderful bride to work with and send my Best Wishes to Kadyn and Matt for a very happy and healthy marriage together. 

(I took over 600 pictures at the wedding, so I'll have many more pictures and details to share very soon! )

 Junk Style Photo Booth made with old doors and windows. 

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