Friday, November 11, 2011

Did you see the Moon?

Did you see the "Full Beaver Moon" last night?
According to the Almanac, the Beaver Moon is a time to set your beaver traps before the swamp freezes, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs or its a time for the beavers to make ready for winter. Either way, we now colder weather is coming soon.

 I love to photograph the moon and have figured out the manual settings to get the moon to be focused correctly.
The only problem was, it wasn't quite dark and I wanted to see the silhouette of the trees and still get the moon correctly. I played with some settings and didn't have any success.

I got to noticing the moon was trailing in my picture, as I had ever so slight movement while perched on top of a fence post. (I left the tripod in the house, when I went out back.) Then I remembered reading about "writing" with the camera. Well, my attempt looks like scribble and I obviously have a long way to go before this is anything fabulous, but I thought it was very interesting. Can you see the "J"? I started out by attempting to write my name then it just turned to jibberish!

By this time, it was really dark and I was cold, so I called it quits and still don't know how to photograph the moon as it rises through the trees at dusk and get the whole scene in focus. If anybody has any great tips, please share with me!


  1. the 'writing' is pretty cool! i've managed to get some good moon/tree silhouette shots in the past but couldn't tell you how i did it. tripod - yes! :)

  2. Love your first picture! I'm of no help with the writing..I've not even heard of it. No photographer here! ha!


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