Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rustic and Vintage Burlap and Lace Wedding Bouquets

It's been a while since I've shared pictures of all the custom burlap and lace wedding bouquets I've been making this spring, so I thought I would share some today. Burlap bouquets are available in about 44 colors of burlap (new colors added upon request and availability) and can include customization including lace color, pearls, brooches, feathers, lace flowers, sunflowers, wheat, shotgun shells, etc. Navy has been the most popular wedding color so far this year, followed by turquoise, although there have been some new color combinations lately. 

rustic burlap and lace bridal bouquet in turquoise and coral
Coral, jade (light turquoise), tan, and white bridal bouquet with pearls

rustic burlap wedding bouquet
Jade (aqua / light turquoise), tan, chocolate brown, and white burlap bridal bouquet

rustic bridesmaid bouquets
Jade (aqua / light turquoise), tan, chocolate brown, and white small burlap bridesmaid bouquets

rustic burlap boutonnires
Burlap boutonnieres with turquoise ribbon and jute twine 
Turquoise burlap and lace bridal bouquet

vintage style wedding bouquet
Burlap and lace streamers were added to this rustic, vintage bridal bouquet.

navy wedding flowers
Navy, tan, and white burlap bridal bouquet with white lace

rustic wedding bouts
navy burlap boutonnieres 

Americana theme wedding flowers
Patriotic red, white, and navy blue  burlap bridal bouquet (small size bouquet used as bridal bouquet) . I'm proud to say that my bouquets are Made in America and appreciate all those who support small businesses that are Hand Made in USA!

denim, lace, pearls, and burlap wedding bouquets
A medium and small size denim, burlap and lace bouquets. Denim and burlap roses and vintage lace flowers create these bouquets. 

rustic wedding flowers with denim and lace
Vintage lace flowers, denim, and burlap roses

burlap and lace wedding flowers
Custom wedding package  - Navy burlap bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets with tan and white burlap roses, white tulle flowers (Tulle cut from a vintage wedding dress) and lace, navy burlap boutonnieres. 

rustic burlap centerepieces
Burlap centerpieces in navy, grey, tan, and white - the bride to be is going to place the bouquets in her own containers.  Marbles or stones can help anchor the bouquets in Mason jars, vases, or other containers.  

Vintage brooch bouquet with fabric flowers
A new color and style combination with navy, burnt orange, white, and tan burlap roses, white lace, bleached white peacock feathers, and vintage brooches.

burlap and lace wedding flowers
Another new color combo for this keepsake bridal bouquet - wine, royal blue, blush pink, and white burlap flowers, white lace, and rhinestones and pearls.  I believe this bride is allergic to fresh flowers, so that is why they chose the fabric flowers instead. 
burlap and lace bridesmaid bouquets for vintage themed wedding
Medium size bridesmaid bouquets in royal blue, wine, blush pink, and white. 

keepsake bridal bouquet
Royal blue, tan, white, and chocolate brown burlap roses and ivory lace bridal bouquet. 

coral wedding flowers
Custom wedding flowers with neutral colored bridal bouquet, coral and white  burlap boutonnieres, and individual roses for decorating. Smaller size burlap bouts are available for children in the wedding party, jr groomsmen, ring bearers, etc.  

Coral burlap toss bouquet (this size also used for flower girls). As a bonus tip - display this bouquet in a vase, mason jar, or other pretty container on your registry table for the wedding, just don't forget to take it to your reception to toss to the next bride to be. This way, you get dual use out of a bouquet. 

rustic wedding flowers with coral
Medium size burlap bouquet with coral, tan, white, and chocolate brown burlap roses, white, lace and coral tulle, with pearl accents. 

rustic, hunting themed wedding bouquet
A camo burlap bridal bouquet (extra large and NO lace) with sage green, tan, brown, oyster (cream) and camouflage burlap roses.  

masculine bouts for wedding
Shotgun shell boutonnieres with a camo burlap rose, feathers, wheat, and raffia for the rustic, outdoors style groom / groomsmen. 

camouflage wedding flowers
Hunting themed wedding flowers - rustic bridal bouquet  in camo, orange, tan, and chocolate brown burlap roses, with lace and pearls for a feminine touch.  

burlap and lace wedding flowers
Custom wedding package with camo bridal and bridesmaid bokays, shotgun shell boutonnieres, wristlet and pin on corsages and a Texas size hairbow

burlap wrist corsage for Mother of the Bride
Many times the mothers of the bride and groom get neutral colored wristlet corsages. These come on a pearl style bracelet / wrist band and have roses, tulle, lace, pearls, and a bow. Often times the mothers dresses either do not match the wedding party or they haven't found a dress for the wedding, when they order the flowers. (That was the case with this corsage, with just a few weeks till wedding time.) 

Sunflower and burlap wedding flowers
Sunflowers and burlap roses! Over the years, this has been a popular bouquet, although the original version had some wispy grass in it, which I can no longer get (I've looked for 2+ years). When this bride to be inquired about the bouquet and I told her I could do something similar without the grass, she replied "what about using dried wheat instead?" And we both love how it turned out! So going forward this bouquet can have dried wheat or wispy feathers in it, along with the burlap roses, sunflowers, pheasant feathers, lace, pearls, pussy willow branches, and assorted foliage. It is definitely a favorite choice and perfect for summer and fall weddings!

Burlap and sunflower bridesmaid bouquet
Bridesmaid bouquets with a single sunflower surrounded by burlap roses, dried wheat, and lace. 

rustic fall wedding bouquet
A side view shows the cascading foliage and all the textures of this sunflower and burlap bouquet. 

rustic country wedding boutonnieres with sunflowers
Rustic, country boutonnieres with mini sunflowers, babies breath and twine. 

rustic, country wedding flowers
Custom wedding order - bridal and toss bouquet with sunflowers, coral, tan, and brown burlap roses, bridesmaid bouquets to match (without coral roses, since they are wearing coral dresses) and mini sunflower bouts for the guys in the wedding party. 

A special thank you to everyone who allows me to create bouquets for your wedding! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you and I'm looking forward to helping others create their dream wedding! Please email or message me on etsy to discuss your wedding ideas. Custom orders and your ideas are always welcome and I do ship world wide.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wandering around the Vintage Market Days - East Texas

Last Thursday, Angea and I decided that we would take a little road trip on Friday to the Vintage Market Days -East Texas. Our schedules both allowed it, so we wanted to go.  Angea was discussing it with her husband and he ask "Do you know where it's at?" 

Her response: "south". Almost 2 hours south to be exact, in Nacogdoches, Texas. 

She volunteered to drive, since her car gets great gas mileage, so we loaded and did a little wandering, wondering, and a whole lot of laughing! 
So here's a few pictures from our wandering around the Market - there was a civic center and rodeo arena full of vendors and fabulous stuff! 

This vignettes were in the entry way. 
To the left was the civic center.
I'm telling you, someone painted a picture of one of our cows! I don't have a wall big enough for this gorgeous girl, but I sure do love this cow painting. 
To the right was the covered arena full of treasures. The last time I was in the arena, we were at FFA horse judging contest in high school. I'm pretty sure we came home with some awards that day. 
Lunch from an airstream, yes please! Chipotle turkey croissant, chips, and pink fluff in a cup - not your typical junk food. 
Angea tried on a crown! 

This is one thing, I wish I would have got - there was some good smelling potions in this booth. 

We had a great time exploring and checking out the vintage market days! We said we should have done a live Facebook video of our car talk, but we kind of figured, this might be the case! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Baby Cardinals

Last Monday, I discovered a nest of baby cardinals in the bushes right beside the gazebo. In fact, as I watered plants, I could look over the gazebo rail and see them. You may remember my Cardinals and Grandmama story from the winter. All year, I've been working on a "For The Birds" theme and found something bird related on every junkin' trip leading up to our show last weekend. Sunday when I came home from the show, there was a different bird sitting on the gazebo rail as he was learning how to fly. Then on Monday, I found this nest. When the cardinals flew out of the bushes, I was able to identify what these ugly little things were! Today, one week after finding the nest, Jeff alerts me that my babies are leaving the nest. I was really surprised it was so soon, but according to my search, they are only in the nest 9-11 days before flying away. They have chirped all day as they cling to tree branches and get brave enough to flutter through the yard. The daddy cardinal has been coaxing them along a lot and give me a few ugly looks as I observed them. Hope you enjoy the pictures of the cardinals!

Monday - the day I discovered the babies.

Monday - wee little babies.

Friday afternoon - yikes!

Saturday evening - big difference in a day! 

Sunday evening - that nest is getting crowded.
Monday morning - Baby number 1 made his way to the Bridal Wreath in the yard. 

Monday morning - bird #2 left the nest

Monday morning baby 3

"What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" - e.h.

 I finally got a picture of the red bird, although he wasn't too happy with me! (I've tried off and on since December to get his picture.)

 He would coax and call to the babies and bringing them food. I can't tell exactly what he has in his mouth. I left them alone and went back inside to work, expecting that they would be gone this afternoon.

Late this evening, I went outside to photograph some wedding bouquets I had finished today and heard lots of little chirping going on. They were still here! Bird 1 was sitting in the crepe myrtle in the center of the yard, eye height, and I was able to get lots of pictures of him. I could have reached out and grabbed him up easily, instead, I just took lots more pictures and a video of him. 

 I mean, they are so ugly they're cute!

 Those toes, that fuzz! I shot some of these in macro, about a foot away from him!

 Birdy #2 was in another bush in the yard, but I never found the last one. I think he was in the trees beyond the yard fence.

 I'm glad my yard can be a place for the birds to live. I don't buy feed for them, but our yard and surroundings provide for them and I sure like getting to witness their journey as they find their wings and fly away (or maybe they will all stay here!)
Now, I'm an empty nester...