Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY Boot Socks and Cuffs

Have you been seeing all the cute leg warmers, boot socks and boot cuffs this winter? After getting this tall pair of boots, (which have become my faves recently) I began seeing the peek a boot socks online. I loved the look of several, but just couldn't justify the high price that came with many I saw. After all, my first thought was "sweater arms"!

So, I made myself a pair of boot socks and boot cuffs with a sweater. I stopped by a local thrift store and low and behold, there was the perfect white sweater hanging on the sale wrack at a whopping $1.50! 

I cut the arms off the sweater and eyeballed the length I needed to have just a touch of the sweater sticking out above the top of my riding boots.

Then I cut the remainder of the arm to make the boot cuff- for days when you just want the look of warm and cozy socks, but don't need the extra warmth. 
Now, here is the important step;). Get husband to help wind the bobbin with a cordless drill! Yes, I know it's redneck! Here's the thing, my main sewing machine needs a part to wind the bobbin. My other machine, well, I'd have to move a whole lotta stuff to get to it... So he helped me out! 
I have lots of scraps of vintage lace laying around, so as I hemmed the cuffs, I added a lace edging. I used a triple zigzag stitch.

The long leg warmers have two options for wearing: with lace showing or the striped end of the sleeve. I didn't have to hem that end.
Two pair from one sweater in a short time, without much precision. 
Now, I'm not saying the handmade boots socks are not worth the price, but this was a simple diy version. This was not as labor intense as knitting the whole thing.  I saved at least $30.00 to $45.00 making my own.  It would be a great way to repurpose old or stained sweaters. I've seen several pair accented with buttons and I might just add a few to one pair.

P.S. Some of you might have noticed that my blog address is a little different. I'm having technical issues and for the time being, my blog is not redirecting to as it did before. It's still the same website/blog, only some links might not work, especially if trying to visit from Pinterest links. Thanks for hanging with me at as I try to figure out the behind the scenes website business. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! Hope you have a wonderful day! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Insulator Chandelier

One of the fun features of my junky lil' gazebo, is the insulator chandelier! 

I made it several years ago out of old telephone insulators, heavy wire (think barbed wire, without the barbs), and beads. 

When we made over the gazebo, I knew this was exactly where the chandy had to hang and I think it looks right fine with the Christmas decorations.

I use small tea lights candles in the insulators to give a glowy look, although I would like to find some battery powered tea lights. I have to be careful with the burlap draped nearby and keep a close eye out. Sure don't want to burn down my gazebo.

This weekend is a little too cold for having a porch sittin'. Hope you are all warm, cozy, and safe from the massive ice storm. We just got a light sprinkling of ice, but they say more could come tonight. Right now, I'm ready for spring and warmer temperatures to enjoy sitting outside in the yard ;)

To see more of my Vintage Junky Christmas Gazebo, please click here.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Take $10 Coupon Code

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage, Junky Christmas in my Gazebo

As promised, it's now time to show my completed rustic, vintage, junky Christmas/winter gazebo decorations! I'm absolutely in love with how it all turned out! 

Now pull yourself up a chair and grab a cup of hot chocolate, because there's lots of pictures to come.
Saturday was just about the perfect day. The morning started out a little cold, but I was able to finish up Tanisha's burlap and lace wedding order, made a couple of new Christmas wreaths, started some laundry and did some indoor work. Later, the sun warmed the day and I enjoyed some time outdoors.

As I went to open the gate for the mail lady to stop and pick up my outgoing orders, I walked down the road to gather some of my Christmas tree decorations. I love seeing all the wild grasses as I travel the back roads and this particular white fuzzy grass has been telling me it needed to be on my shabby chic tree. 

After the mail came, the girls and I went down in the woods on a nature walk to gather pine cones, holly, cedar, and pine.

Then the fun really began! I showed a sneak peek of my junk wreath last week. We'll here it is up close. Bed springs, a saw blade, washer, and medallion are my "ornaments" suspended by twine on the window frame. A swag of cedar and pine accents the window.

I filled my old crock with more greenery and pine ones. 

The base around the crock was a silk Christmas wreath that I added a few fresh clipings into.

I was kinda sad, trying to figure out what I would put in my tired looking flower buckets. Then it hit me, I poked the greenery into the dirt and instant makeover. I left the kale and begonias in the bucket and just added the greenery around them to make the bucket much fuller and hung them back up on their spring hooks. 

Some of you might know the story, but our gazebo was literally pulled from a trash ditch a few years ago! It really was someone else's junk. Everything was either pulled from someone else's trash- gazebo, buckets, crock, bike, springs, metal water cooler,  gym basket, tin on the roof or found at a garage sale - burlap, Christmas tree, 3 strands of C7 lights and quilts or made by me. Nothing store bought here! I prefer to keep my Christmas decorations that way- natural and rustic. We are not ones  to get into the commercialism of the holidays and no Santas will find a place among my decor this year.

Now here's my fuzzy grass from the side of the road! 

Anybody know what it's called? 

I simply tied in the grass stems with the branches on the tree. Since our house is itsy, bitsy, teeny, weenie, and we are so overcrowded (hey, we're junk collectors😉), I don't think I am going to put up an indoor tree. No one ever comes to our house during the holidays, so I think we are going to enjoy our tree outdoors this year instead. 

A few more clippings, a rusty Texas license plate, pine cones, and a burlap bow fill the gym locker basket on the front of the bicycle. 

As the daylight faded away, we grabbed a couple of vintage and tattered quilts, a cup of hot chocolate and enjoyed some time under the twinkly lights. 

I have a feeling most of the decorations and lights will stay up long after Christmas and we will enjoy sitting out in the gazebo in the evenings. 

Thanks for hanging around till the end! Hope you are having a fun, stress free weekend.
 Merry Christmas! 

New Christmas Wreaths Hot off the Press

Hot off the press today! New rustic Burlap Christmas Wreaths! Hop over to the shop, to grab these up before they're gone. Because, there's no more like em. 

I am loving the red striped jute webbing! I'm all about rustic and natural when I decorate and create new wreaths. 
To me the natural elements like pine cones, Christmas greenery and the burlap lend an old fashion, vintage kind of feel to the holidays.

Peacock feathers add a touch of turquoise to this grapevine wreath. I do love my turquoise too! Of course, we've all got those turquoise accent pieces in our homes and the feathers will help tie everything together.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Etsy Coupon Code

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyday I am blown away by the support of my online friends and customers. Today, I am so thankful for all of you. I appreciate your support of my business and creative endeavors. Wishing you all a very Happy  Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Sneak Peek!

It's totally unlike me to start decorating for Christmas this early! But yesterday was pretty, I was off work, the inspiration hit as I was cleaning up the frost bit plants in my yard, the forecast says cold weather returns this weekend, yada, yada, yada...

So here is the beginnings of my vintage junky Christmas gazebo decorations.  I have a few more ideas I want to incorporate in the next week or so and I promise to share all the junky details ASAP. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

I got up this morning and something just said I must go garage saling. I've only happened upon a random sale or two in recent months, but saw several ads in the newspaper for sales on my side of town. 

The mister wasn't ready nor shared my urgency to hit the sales this morning. 

So, I put on my favorite thrifted, vintage sweater and turquoise scarf, loaded up my sweet dog and we headed out. 

We enjoyed the fall beauty on the back roads and then we started texting back our list of finds and a few pictures along the way. 

This is the reason I must drive ol' trucks with a long bed! ;) I rescued a desk, chair, coffee table/bench, frames, wooden tote, counter top, a lace pillow, vintage cheese grader, scored a few shirts, a vest, and  Christmas garland. 

So now I have several projects to work on and fix up. Now to figure out what color to paint the desk and chair! What's your favorite color of furniture?