Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little Mermaid meets Burlap and Lace

The theme for this wedding is "Little Mermaid meets Burlap and Lace". 
She has gorgeous red mermaid hair and the groom is a boots and jeans guy and together they participate in trap shooting gun competitions. The weddings colors are red, mint, tan and cream, with ivory lace. The bride to be chose the "jade" burlap, as she thought it was closest to her chosen shade of mint. Each wedding package can be customized  to reflect the couples color, theme, personalities, interest and of course number of attendants, etc. 

Rustic wedding bouquet
Bridal bouquet with red, jade, tan and white burlap roses and ivory lace

rustic burlap and lace wedding bouquets
Medium size burlap bouquets for maid and matron of honor

red and turquoise bridesmaid bouquets
Small size bridesmaid bouquets
As we discussed the details and ideas of her wedding, she ask if I was able to make shotgun shell boutonnieres and she nearly cried when I said yes. The groom really wanted the shotgun shell bouts, but she didn't see any in my shop. From time to time, I do have request for them and was happy to make them. My nephews were happy to contribute shells to the cause! I went to take their senior / family pictures last week and there was lots of skeet shooting involved and I snatched up all the empty shells from them! They also promised to save me more and get me more colors of shells. (Currently I have red, yellow and a few black.) The boys participate in the 4-H shotgun competitions, were they just placed 1st and 4th in their divisions.  
shotgun shell bouts
Shotgun shell boutonnieres with burlap rose

rustic wedding flowers
Shotgun shell boutonnieres with burlap rose - the ring bearer is getting a little mini burlap rose for his flower. 

rustic wrist corsage with burlap

red rose corsage
Red rose wristlet corsage

mother's corsage
Jade burlap wrist corsage

Rustic wedding corsages
Neutral colored wrist corsage

I certainly hope we get to see pictures after the wedding! I know it will be a gorgeous event and I can wait to see how they pull it all together! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Junkin Addict and Two Women and a Hoe Features

So I'm scrolling through Facebook on Tuesday and up pops my rusty tin buckets and gazebo in my news feed. I'm like "hey, that's my yard!" I follow Junkin Addict on facebook and she had shared a picture of my gazebo from a few years ago! Although, it was a friend on facebook, that I met through the Backwoods Marketplace, that had shared the post from Junkin Addict. A crazy web we weave on the internet and the algorithms of just how our post are all seen (or not seen, but that's a whole other story)!

Well of course I'm excited to see a page I follow share our yard and several new friends came over to my Facebook page (even though there was not a link to me on her share.)

Now today (Thursday), I was making my afternoon check on Facebook and there was the rusty, bottomless bucket in my news feed, this time by Two Women and a Hoe! They were sweet and kind to share a link to my blog post and the tutorial of how I recycle a bottomless bucket into a hanging flower basket.

Even though the pictures were from 2012, its still fun to see my projects get featured from some popular gardening pages! So if you are new here at GypsyFarmGirl, "Howdy!" Would love for you to follow along with all of our adventures! A little back story on the gazebo - we rescued it from a trash ditch, seriously! There was actually two - our friend saw them, stopped and ask if he could have them, ask us to help load and haul them, in exchange for one of them. A few years later, we junked it up with a fun makeover! In 2012, I made a commitment to no longer have plastic or store bought flower pots in my yard. If they were plastic, they had to be hidden in other containers, hence the reason for the tutorial on how to plant in vintage containers and bottomless buckets. Buckets, cracked crocks, old wheel barrows, and chicken feeders were all salvaged and repurposed into flower containers and my yard in lovingly called The Junk Yard!

Here's a few pictures from the junk yard this spring -


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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Once a Florist, Always a Florist

I previously worked as a  lead floral designer at a flower shop for 15 years, before GypsyFarmGirl became my full time business. When I left the flower shop (Christmas 2014), I had no plans for doing fresh flowers in the future. I was devoting myself to my burlap wedding bouquets, online boutique, a few vintage markets with my glamper and wherever my path might lead. Well, there's a saying around the floral business "once a florist, always a florist" and so it seems, it's a part of who I am and there is no escaping it and it is a part of my path! With my last business card order, I made some edits and added "freelance florist" to my description.

GypsyFarmGirl by Janice East - Rustic Weddings, Gifts, Home Decor and Freelance Florist

I'm honored that former customers, friends and new acquaintances have called and ask for me to design flowers for their special occasions, events, and funeral needs. While I don't keep fresh flowers in stock all the time, I am happy to help with local events, with enough notice and minimum order. Occasionally I will have some extra flowers left after an event and will post on Facebook and Instagram, if anyone wants a special bouquet, without having to preorder or a minimum order. I work from my home and deliver locally or I am  available to work on location for weddings and events. I decided to create a new tab for my blog that is devoted to the fresh flowers, to showcase some of the custom designs I have created and I'll continue to add more pictures as time progresses. 
Large centerpiece / church alter flower arrangement
Farm and Flowers - that's what my life is about!
Red Spray Rose Corsage (Pin on)
Blush pink spray rose wristlet corsage
White spray rose pin on corsage for Mother's Day
Blush and cream wristlet prom corsage
Spring vase arrangement with stargazer lily, purple larkspur, hydrangeas, and roses.
Spring arrangement with blue hydrangeas, pink roses and lilies
Two dozen red roses!
Summer mixed flower bouquet
Lemon and Lime themed wedding - bride and groom's table and arch backdrop
Arch for wedding ceremony
Lemon centerpieces with white stock and twigs
Wine barrel with lemon and lime centerpiece
Pink and white arrangements for wedding ceremony.
Bridal bouquet with red roses, surrounded by white roses.
Red and white mixed arrangement for corporate event.
Red and white casket spray
The Cowboy Rides Away - fall flowers on the western saddle, used as a casket spray
Fall mixed flower casket spray
Fall mixed flower casket spray
Large fall mixed flower standing easel spray
Fall mixed flower standing easel spray
Red and white mixed easel spray
Red and white mixed flower casket spray with banner
Red, white and blue easel for the airplane enthusiast.
Casket spray with shades of pink and purple mixed flowers.
 My customer shared a few examples of ideas she liked and trusted me to create a casket spray and coordinating easels in shades of pink and purple for them. I was able to source flowers from three suppliers to get the freshest flowers for their order. An assortment of delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, stock, callas, stargazer lilies, several types of roses, carnations, and status was used to complete the designs. 

pink and purple mixed flower easel 
pink and purple mixed flower easel

Open heart easel with pink and white spring garden style flowers.

Cross with white background and pink roses

Tropical / exotic mixed flower easel - the picture doesn't do this easel justice. It was much more stunning in person. 
red and white mixed flower easel
red and white mixed flower easel
Pink and white wedding shower arrangement
Pink and white wedding shower arrangement in grapevine birdcage
Simple and elegant white hydrangea and curly willow centerpiece
Spring pastel garden style basket arrangement
Red and white mixed Valentine's Bouquet
Red roses and white hydrangeas and snapdragons for a business event
Elegant lanterns centerpieces for a business Christmas party
All white arrangement for a business open house
All white hydrangea arrangement for a business open house
Red and white office arrangement
Red and white Christmas arrangement
Red and white Christmas arrangements
pink and green birthday arrangement
For local  orders and delivery, please email, call, or you can send me a Facebook message. Sometimes blog comments are not delivered to my email or can get filtered as spam, so I don't always see them promptly. I'm always happy to accommodate your custom request and ideas and look forward to helping with your special events or creating personalized floral tributes for a loved one.