Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy Day

We had a rainy day in Texas today! Yahooooo! It's so nice to have a rainy day after such a long dry season.

All the girls had the rainy day blues laying around the house, while I worked on a few sewing projects. I captured these pics and created the collage with my iPod of Oakley, Punkie, and Trixie.


  1. WooHoo on the rain!!!

    Very cute pictures of your pets. :)

  2. Yay for rain; I know you guys really need it!!

    Such a cute collage. I still try to learn how, just like I'm still learning my cell phone I've had for five years. LOL

    Have a great day, Janice. I know you're working hard on your stacation. :)

  3. Oh, This is cute! Nice job!
    YEAH for the rains! We loved it too!

  4. Rainy days are good times to nap! Those are cute pics of cute pets!

  5. Jeepers, that photo makes me feel like taking a nap! LOL! We got some rain here too. Just a little drizzle.


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