Monday, October 10, 2016

Fabric Pumpkins

When one comes across a gorgeous, fall colored skirt at a garage sale, one may think: will this fit me, what top would go with this or all the places they could wear it? Not me - My immediate thought was gorgeous pumpkins! 

Velvet, rust colored lace, along with other layers of rich colored fabric, described by the lady as "one of my favorite" skirts, I immediately saw the potential. I came home and cut that baby up and made fabric pumpkins and did a little fall decorating. ✂️

fall decorating with fabric pumpkins
I added twine, burlap roses, vintage lace, assorted trim, and sunflowers to them. 
I have this thing for vintage suitcases as well! I found this one recently and couldn't pass it up. Thought it was a great basket for my pumpkins and a mason jar of fall flowers! 
autumn pumpkins

fall decorating
No fabric scrap was left behind - Meet the cute little baby pumpkins! Itsy, bitsy, and oh so cute!
small fabric pumpkin
I had some scraps left on the table and I just could not throw them away. This fabric is too pretty to go to waste in the trash. I mean, baby pumpkins, y'all!
fall decorating with pumpkins
I wish you could feel the fabric texture through the screen...
P. S. I'll share with you! I'll have some of these available in our Yamboree booth next week! 
fabric pumpkins
Here's a few more from my pumpkin patch, in orange burlap and a pretty velvet. 

Angea's (aka Rooster Tails) pumpkin patch has been growing the French Country style pumpkins! Loving those white chenille ones, Angea! 
Rooster Tails pumpkin patch


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