Thursday, October 6, 2016

Miss Gussie's in a Magazine!

Miss Gussie's in a magazine, y'all! There was a few excited squeals when it came in the mail yesterday! It's just a small picture, but none the less, I'm excited for my glamper to be included in Mary Jane's Farm Magazine, Farmgirl DIY Special Issue!
Janice East - Gypsy Farm Girl Magazine feature

I mean, seriously, there's Miss Gussie on the same page as two of Mary Jane's, who happens to be the Queen of Glamping, and a few other gorgeous glampers that have been shared in the Glampers on the Loose Facebook page.
The magazine will be on newsstands October 11, 2016, but my preordered copy arrived a few days early. And yes, we do match! We both have a love for turquoise, brown, and lace! When I came home from town, I got Jeff to take our picture.
Last summer, I was doing a photo shoot for new products in my Etsy shop and it hadn't been too long since I had finished painting my camper, so I decided to stage everything  around the glamper.  It was the middle of August and so hot, but I decided to take just a few more pictures and this is one of them! 

Burlap and lace wedding bouquet, pillows, and fall decor

As I mentioned last month, Mary Jane's Farm has been a inspiration to me for several years and it's an honor to have my work featured in the magazine!

Want to see more pictures from that photo shoot? You can click here, here, or here! Also, if you are wondering - she is a 1959 Arrowhead Camper. This post shows her in her original state and the story of how we got her home - it was quite an adventure! 

P.S. We are getting ready for our Yamboree booth in two weeks and the Backwood's Marketplace in 6 weeks. She'll be all gussied up and happy to see you in person and sign autographs! 😉 HeeHee
Now, I've got to go get busy and finish all my stuff for the shows and start packing Miss Gussie!

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  1. I'm so very happy you've found yourself and are able to live in the midst of what is you... It's extremely satisfying for me to see you making your way by your craft and desire to keep old stuff going while you labor to produce your own line of goods and serve the local fresh flower demands as well. I love You with all that I am, all that God has given us we share together...


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