Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yamboree, Day 3

Yamboree, Day 3 - Saturday 

We really do have a lot of fun working with Angea and setting up our space! 

Jeff came each morning to help us open up the tents, rearrange furniture, and take some of our pictures. He decided that Angea's scarecrow needed to ride my hobby horse! Lol

Each morning, we changed stuff up and rearranged stuff. 

One customer saw my picture collage on the door and thought I had met some of the guys from Duck Dynasty, but I had to explain that was my husband in the pictures and he had started growing that beard, BEFORE the Duck Dynasty show was a household name. Seriously, he did! At first, I didn't like it and he got weird looks when we were together. Then all of a sudden, these girls at the grocery and feed store would start being in awe and wanting to reach out and touch it. That's when we heard about these Robertson people on tv. We don't have cable, so we hadn't seen it yet. 

Our attempt at a selfie and someone always has to make a funny face and looks like those corn shocks are Indian feathers coming out of his headband! 

Jeff was talking to another vendor and he was like man, y'all are so cool and another said we have the most fun in our booth! We also heard several saying we had the best booth there! 

My neice, Brenna, came to help out, during the Saturday rush. We appreciate you coming to help us!

At times, it was busy and we were unable to speak to everyone who came by and we do apologize for that, but we thank you all for coming to see us and shopping our handmade and recycled, upcycled, repurposed items. 

Then, all of a sudden, it was over, we packed up, and the country roads took us home, once again. We are tired today (Sunday) and trying to catch up on some rest. Tomorrow, it's back to work in the wedding shop and trying to get new items listed in my store. 
We can't say it enough, we are grateful and thankful for each and everyone who comes by, who shops, or shares about our events! We enjoy getting to meet and visit with y'all! Thanks for being a part of our tribe! 

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