Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yamboree, Day 1

It's Yamboree Time! By a little after lunch, we finally had our space looking like this, but let me tell ya the story of how it got to this point! 

We really wanted to set up on Wednesday, but a front was suppose to come through during the night (1-2am, they said.) I went to bed with this forecast:  
Woke up and saw this, thinking set up would be good, 
Got in the truck and left for town to this: 
Got the camper unhooked and this happened: 

Well, hmmm... We can't build sets with fabric in the rain...
So, we had YAM PIE for breakfast! 
Jeff, Angea, and I ate pie, while Angea's husband watched it rain. He's from "tater town" and doesn't eat yam pie! It was definitely a treat - thanks Angea! 
Ah, the weather finally blew through and we were really able to start setting up. 
Special thanks, to my sister-in-law, Lisa, and nephew Jake for their assistance! We appreciated the extra hands! 

We've literally got a bed full of pillows! 

Angea and Randy built a mantle for our display! Trust me when I say, we have many more stockings available! 

Day 1 complete, thanks to everyone who came out today! We will open Friday and Saturday at 9 am and there's no rain in the forecast, just perfect fall, Yamboree weather! 
We are located at the Yamboree fair grounds. Located on US Hwy 271 north in Gilmer, Texas. The fairgrounds are located  just north of the Gilmer Civic Center and Walmart. You can't miss the "blue building" when you pull in the parking lot. We are on the former tennis courts, kind of between the blue building and playground area. 

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