Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ol' Blue

Ol' Blue - I started driving our blue pickup truck, the winter I turned 4! Daddy would put it in "granny gear" and point me across the field. He would jump in the back and throw out square bales of hay to the cows and I steered her along. 
One day he specifically told me to "drive straight." Apparently the day before I drove crooked. I came to a large water / sink hole... Now being a four year old, scared to disobey, I decided I must "drive straight," because if daddy wanted me to go around it, he would have a.) pointed me in a different direction or b.) not specifically told me to "drive straight."

Well, when we got stuck, he ask why I drove into the big wet hole? "Daddy, you told me to drive straight!" We walked home and got the tractor...

 I've always been a farm girl! 

(I know I've told the story of Ol' blue before, but it's a favorite childhood story and I like to retell it from time to time!) 

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