Friday, October 21, 2016

Yamboree Day 2

Yamboree Day 2, we have more fun than anyone! 

So we get our booth all set and ready to open and we eat yam pie for breakfast again, but this time in the glorious sunshine! Not sure what tomorrow's breakfast will be, since that's the last of that pie! 

Jeff had come to help us open up and move the heavy stuff around and we were having this discussion about recycling and how we all find and repurpose many items, then Angea and Jeff were talking about things you don't recycle. Angea knew someone who washed ice and put it back in the freezer, then said "there's just some things you don't recycle..... Like used toilet paper." Of course I had a big bite of pie in my mouth and just about died laughing, choking, and crying so hard! I about spewed pie everywhere. A little while later, the lady across the way said she wanted to join us, because we were having too much fun! 

So a while back, I shared a sneak peek of my Saturday night sewing. Well here's my flannel and vintage lace duster I made! This one is mine, but we do have a few more similar ones available again tomorrow (and soon in my Etsy shop.) 

My mom has made some crochet hats, ear warmers, and scarves for our booth. She's got ninja turtles for the boys and these cute little pig tail toboggans for the girls! My niece and nephew love their hats granny made them! 

We are grateful, thankful, and blessed by each and everyone of you who stops by. A lady across the way has been looking at Miss Gussie and we've been talking each day. She really wants a camper, to travel to a few markets, but had met discouragement from her friend. After talking with and giving her a tour of my glamper, she said I had inspired her so much. This evening, she told me I had know idea how much I have encouraged and motivated her and helped give her new direction. I had tears as we spoke. She had looked at one camper already and after talking with me, she called the owner to only find out it had already sold. I hope one day she finds her own little camper and we meet again! 

This was the cutest and sweetest little shopper! Her mom bought the purse for her on Thursday and she had to show me her new purse, when she came with her mom today! Then she decided that she needed the pink zebra stick horse and she rode away on her! 

We had lots of fun and will be open again Saturday from 9:00-5:00. 

We will have several good sales going on, so please stop by and say hi! Also, as a reminder, we do have gift basket items available for buyers thank you baskets for the livestock sale. Grab a  basket, pick out some fun finds and we will wrap it up pretty for you. 

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