Friday, December 9, 2016

You Might Live in a Farm House if...

We came home from the farm today and Jeff said "You might live in a farmhouse if..."

There's tools from doctoring cows in the kitchen (I'll spare ya the exact details or phrase he used.) 

To which I added - There's muddy boots laying around 
Or cattle cubes are the only Black Friday Christmas shopping you do and random pieces find their way to jacket pockets and eventually make it to the bar in the kitchen! 
Yep, true story - the donkeys like to eat  cubes out of my hand, so I had a few in my pocket for them and one made its way home and on the bar! 
And sweet little baby calves make you happy!
We've been patiently waiting for a few cows to have babies this year. Recently I reminded them that my birthday was coming and they should give my a baby for my birthday! Well, this little shuga love came this week and he's such a cutie! Wouldn't you agree?!?

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  1. Well? Did he get you that truck?Hahaa....Happy Birthday Janice!❤️


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