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2016 Year End Review - July - December

Continuing on with the 2016 Year End Review -

As stated before, thank you to everyone who lets me help with your weddings, special events, and decorate your homes. The second half of the year was an exciting and busy time as we were preparing for our fall markets, along with everything else. 

July - 

I'm appreciative to all the brides who share pictures from their weddings and let me have a part of your special days!

Charlene and Preston's Western Wedding pictures were gorgeous! (You can see more pictures by clicking the links for the featured weddings.) Photo by Stacey Hansen. 

Work continued on the repurposed clothing line that unveiled in late summer. 

As stated in my earlier post, I have decided pretty much any color goes with turquoise and this wedding order proves orange and camo can be added to that list! 
Breanne's Wedding was featured in August. Photo by David's Gallery Photography.
Out delivering fresh flowers...
First Baptist Church flowers! A former flower shop customer scolded me for not calling her and telling her that I was working with fresh flowers again, so now I'm back to making her church flowers. 
Misty's shared a picture from her turquoise and red wedding. How cute are all the little dresses she made for the girls?!?
Labor Day weekend found Angea and I designing flowers together again.

Coral and Navy wedding bouquet - Always love when bride's share a picture with me! photo by Elise Photography. 
Fall is Homecoming time for the local football teams.

Turquoise burlap wedding flowers.
September brought news that I had been selected to be a part of the Junk Gypsy Book Launch Team! So much fun and inspiration came from being a part of the book team! 
The cactus collection was unveiled in September for the wandering, gypsy soul and I just happened to have a wedding bouquet that perfectly matched the furniture for the photo shoot!

Miss Gussie, my glamper, got her picture in a magazine! I held on to the secret for a while, because I wanted to make sure it made the final publication. I was over the moon excited when I got my Mary Jane's Farm Special FarmGirl DIY issue with my picture of my glamper in it!
Fall fabric pumpkins and flowers.
Alex and J.D.'s navy burlap wedding was featured in October. Photo by Kirsten Pribula.
Loved the romantic themed wedding flowers for this wedding bouquet.
I finally got to meet the Junk Gypsies! 
They were at the Pink Pistol in Lindale for a book signing party and Sharlette and I made the trip over there! 
Yamboree 2016! 
He may not admit it, but Jeff does have fun helping set up our shows! He came each morning to help us open up and he thought Angea's scarecrow needed to ride my hobby horse! lol
The two of them kept me laughing and nearly killed me from their "what not to recycle" conversation. I almost choked on Yam Pie while laughing at Angea and Jeff, who started laughing at me... Good times! 
Luke and Andrea's Wedding - I loved all the textures and rich colors of the bridal bouquet. For sure, one of my favorite fresh flower weddings to design! 
Church flowers in all white for Baby Dedication Day. 
Pretty in pastel pink and lavender burlap and lace wedding bouquets.
Old truck and campers make me happy!
Backwood's Marketplace in November was so much fun! Love setting up over there and my peeps that help make it all come together!
Angea and I were cold that night, but it was a great time to wear my 25 cent coat! 
Best ever road crew! We couldn't do what we do without our men to help load, unload, set up, and take down all our stuff. Occasionally a little mumbling, but they agree to build us pretty cool displays! 

Our Gone Junkin' / distressed flannel shirts were a hit at the fall markets. Several of our fellow vendors at Backwood's shopped with Angea and I, so we had to get a group shot of everyone who was wearing our flannels! 

Fall is a gorgeous time to take a drive in the country. Work brought me to the cemetery joining this church. I had always wanted to photograph  the church and while I was there, I took the time to do just that.
Fall on the backroads.
I decorated Christmas trees for a family and this one was 12 foot tall! It took many trips up and down the ladder to pull this western tree off!
I love working and living on the Rural Route. After decorating the Christmas trees, I happened upon this old barn and had to stop and photograph it! 
Jeff and I took Christmas pics with Miss Gussie! My camper door has become a collage of pictures from our adventures.
Mid December, Angea and I opened our first store booth inside Uniques and Antiques in Mineola, Texas. You can now shop in person for some of our popular items, junk, and furniture items that we don't ship. See more details and info about our booth in this blog post. 
A caravan of vintage campers and trucks made their way to my etsy shop and this became my most liked photo on Instagram for the year! 
Shana's wedding on the waters edge - I always love sunset pictures and this one is spectacular with the bride and groom. Shana carried a navy burlap bridal bouquet. Photo by Ashley-Lynn Photography.

My upside down Christmas tree in the gazebo - read more about it here.
RaLeigh's wedding was featured from her December wedding. Navy bouquets were a popular choice for bride's this year. I haven't done the count on turquoise vs navy weddings, but I have to say they were very close and navy might have won the year. 

Mr. Dish Pan Snow Man! Love him, but he melted in the heat wave this week! The after Christmas cleanse feels so good and I'm ready to bring on the new year! Wedding season is upon us again (there's a slight break in the late fall) so I am getting back in my work shop and working on some new designs and item to come out in my etsy shop, very soon. I'm looking forward to helping everyone with their 2017 (and beyond) weddings, events, floral needs, and of course doing as much junkin' as possible along  the way. Plans are being made for our shows for the coming year and of course we will be restocking our Uniques and Antiques booth on a regular basis. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who let us have a small part of your 2016 events. We are forever grateful and thankful for each and everyone of you!
Good night 2016, Happy New Year 2017! May you be the best yet! 

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