Sunday, December 18, 2016

My Dish Pan Snow Man!

December is flying by. How can Christmas be just a week away?!? I realized I haven't shared much of my Christmas decorations on the blog, so here's a picture of my dish pan snow man, in the gazebo. 
Rustic, Vintage Snow man made from old dish pans
I saw the idea earlier in the year and knew I had to collect the needed dish pans to make it happen! I already had a couple large dish pans and one day I happened upon a vintage sale and found the middle pan. So that left the small one on my must find list. 

I stopped at the Junk in the Trunk sale at the school, fingers crossed I could find one. My friends were set up with a booth. We visited, and then I ask if they had seen any dish pans in other booths. 

My friend got out of her lawn chair and pulled the small pan from a box! Eek, squeal, happy dance, it was meant to be! She generously shared this pan with me! It already had 4 holes in it, but don't ya think they make perfect eyes and facial features? 

My snowman is probably the only one flanked by ferns, although at the moment, they are staying warm in my bath tub! Ha! Thankfully the big cold front didn't bring actual snow, but we did have a 50° temperature drop yesterday, so several plants are warm inside the house. Good thing is my snowman won't melt, when our Texas weather warms up again. 

 Hope you are all staying warm as well and having a happy holiday season! 

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