Friday, December 23, 2016

Two Years Ago

Two years ago tonight, I walked out of my day job for the very last time and GypsyFarmGirl became my full time business! 

What started out as a little creative night gig, make a little extra Christmas money (and I mean very little that 1st year), I doubt it'll ever work out, don't tell your friends so you won't be embarrassed when you fail, turned into so much more than I ever could have dreamed. 

I was making burlap and lace wedding bouquets in every spare minute I had, working in town, and taking care of our farm. I never planned to make fresh flower arrangements after that day, but so many of you call and request I be a part of your special events, weddings, or create sympathy tributes for you and I'm honored you ask me to help out. I still ship wedding bouquets world wide (one left for Canada today!) and we've had a blast Junkin' and setting up at markets with Angea and Miss Gussie!  We opened our first booth in a store last week and have fun creating decor and lots of other items as well. 

I couldn't do all of this without ALL of YOU, who support small hand made businesses. So from the bottom of my turquoise loving heart, I thank you and appreciate each and every one of y'all who ride along on this journey with me! 

Never give up on your dreams and don't be afraid to chase them down! 

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