Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking Back on 2016 January - June

As the year comes to an end, I'm looking back at some of my favorite pictures, orders, and events of 2016. Thank you doesn't seem enough to express my appreciation to everyone who ask me to have a part of your weddings, special events, decorate your homes and business, or create sympathy tributes for your loved ones along with everyone who comes out to our shows, or like our pictures, post, and share about our events. You mean so much to us and we are thankful and grateful for each and everyone of you. 

January - 

Flowers for the Open House at the new McWhorter Funeral Home.

 Friends and Former Co Workers, supporting our friends as they opened their new business. We all got dressed up for the occasion!

Love - photoshoot 

Behind the scenes - sometimes it takes a bunch of feed buckets to pull it off! I just saw a post on facebook that said "don't compare your behind-the-scenes, to someone else's highlight reel." Behind the scene's, there was some crazy times this year, but I choose to focus on the positive. 
The turquoise burlap bouquet is always a favorite of bride's and myself! It was the first colored burlap that a customer requested and the beginning of custom wedding orders.

January was when my sister-in-law suggested we apply to be a part of the Backwood's Marketplace. We expected to wait several weeks to see if were accepted into the show, but found out the next day that we were in! We are so thankful that we have became a part of a great group of local artisans to put on the show. 

February - 

Arrangements for the Gilmer National Bank stockholders meeting. 

A custom bouquet with wheat and dried babies breath. 
My Valentine's Day baby calf
And Valentine's flowers!
Ahh, this was a rush order jade burlap bouquet with lace flowers, rhinestones and pearls and sunflower bridesmaid bouquets.
Dreaming of Spring! 
Sunni's Beach Wedding prompted this request for a seashell bouquet!
Baby calf felfies (farmer selfies)! How cute was this baby?!? Found him hiding in the bushes and couldn't resist a picture with him!

March - 

From the "Happy Mother of the Bride" - Dawn shared pictures of her daughter's wedding. Picture by Dayna Healy.

The Backwood's Marketplace was so much fun to join! 
Angea and I had a blast working on our "junk" for the markets this year and setting up our booths. It pushed our creativity and give us an outlet to share the things we like to work on. Best of all, it is a local show that is all about handmade, repurposed, shabby, rustic, vintage, junk, and primitives. No mass produced items are allowed, since the emphasis is on the artist.
Jeff - what would we do without him??? 
I love this picture of him! I wanted a picture of him standing in front of the camper and he grabbed up the pink pony! 
Navy and Wine / Burgundy Burlap Wedding Bouquets - The new wine color was added to my inventory. 

Gone Junkin' - Weekly junkin' trips became a fun part of our job as we hunt and pick for the fun items for our shows.
Spring flowers make me happy, happy, happy! 
April - 

2 (almost) matching burlap, lace, and brooch bouquets.
Coral burlap, feathers, and bling bouquets.
Rustic flower containers are a must in my yard! No plastic flower pots are to be seen and store bought containers are off limits in the "junk yard."
Delivering flowers for a party and wearing a repurposed denim and lace vest I created! The repurposed clothing bug hit me and I've had fun transforming cloths. 

May - 

The spring brought request for lots of fresh flower bouquets.
Turquoise and Burnt Orange was a new burlap bouquet combination. 
Red and Turquoise Bouquets and Boutonnieres. Really, I don't think there's a single color that doesn't go with turquoise!

June - 

Turquoise and Purple burlap and lace bouquets - see all things go with turquoise!
Fresh flower easel in shades of pink and purple.
Mimi's jade and red bouquets and shotgun shell boutonnieres. 

Navy and vintage maroon for a patriotic summer wedding. 
"Sprinkles" as a facebook friend named him - because he looked like he dipped his nose in a bowl of chocolate sprinkles!
My cactus only blooms for one day and its always a nice surprise to walk outside and find it blooming.
Big bouquets for the Custom Commodities / Rotary Club meeting and special presentation.
100 red roses...
Blush and mint green bouquet with vintage lace and brooches.
Shanda's wedding pictures. I love when my brides share pictures of their wedding day with me! Since most of my correspondence is online, I love getting to see some of the weddings and places all of the bouquets get to go.

Cady and Cody's Wedding. Photo by April Powell Photography

"Sophisticated Swamp Bayou" themed party flowers!
Camo and orange wedding flowers.
Home on the Range! An order of western pillow covers for the National Hereford Women. Angea and I found this vintage bed frame while out junkin' and it made its way home in time to showcase the pillows.
Church flowers at Rosewood Baptist Church.

The triple layer orange day lily is one of my favorites in my yard. 
Next time, we will look back on the highlight reel from the second half of the year.

From the bottom of my turquoise loving heart, we thank you for being a part of our tribe and riding shotgun with us!

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