Friday, July 31, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot - Dreaming of Fall and Christmas in July

My truck thermometer read 112 yesterday afternoon, while I think it was more like 102, but still! All this hot and dry weather has me dreaming about Fall and Christmas in July! 

I've been working on lots of new seasonal decor this month, in addition to all the wedding orders. It's too hot to enjoy being outside for long and my yard is very blah as of late, so you can reap the benefits of lots of pretties added to my shop! Here's a sampling of some new fall and Christmas wreaths, including several new western rope wreaths. 

Western Rope Wreath
I've also been making a few more pillows this week and now I'm obsessed with this cute bunting! All I want to do today is make pennant banners! Last year, I traded a rope wreath for a sewing machine and a wedding dress. I didn't need the sewing machine at the time (or so I thought,) but I stuffed it back in the camper and let it be. I have both my grandmothers machines, but I'll admit, they can be quite cranky (the sewing machines) at times and sewing can seem like a struggle. I was working on two pillows for an order when my machine decided to only back stitch! What in the world? I went and got that new machine out of the camper and y'all, it is dummy proof! I am in love with my new Brother (that's the brand name!) It is portable, which means I can work wherever I choose, it's easy to thread and winding a bobber is no big deal. I am enjoying sewing! The bobbin winder didn't work on one of my machines and the other didn't do cute zig zag stitches. Now I'm having sew much fun with it! 
Glamping Pillows and Decorations

I had someone request turquoise camper pillows, so there are a couple of them available along with a neutral colored one, a doily and lace pillow and a winged one with the quote "What if I fail? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" e.h.  I still have a few pillow forms that I haven't sewn up yet, so if you want a different colored camper, please send a custom request and I'd be happy to make you one or two for your glamper. I've also thought about doing pillow wraps or just pillow covers, so they would be easy to store and ship. Would you like this option? And if so, what size pillows do you want these made for? 

I had thought about painting a pennant banner on my camper, but never did it. I'm really glad I didn't, because now I can change out the banners from time to time. This one has a very fall, floral attitude to it. I am so ready for some cooler weather and dreaming of glamping and a campfire actually feeling good!

vintage camper with fall bunting

Christmas in July. There are several styles of rustic Christmas wreaths now available. Here's a sampling of some of the Christmas rope wreaths. 
Rustic Christmas Rope Lasso Wreaths

So the question of the day, how hot is it where you are? And are you ready for fall or winter? 

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