Saturday, July 4, 2015


Thanks to several of our neighbors, we were able to photograph 3 separate fireworks shows from our yard tonight! Last night, we watched two t38/f5 jet airplanes as they made several loops just west of our house, as they were stalling before their appearance at the airshow in town. We didn't leave home and still had a good 4th! 

Notice a few tree limbs? 

I was anticipating the neighbors fireworks, so earlier in the day, I got my camera battery charged, set my manual settings and found my tripod. 

We sat outside and watched the sunset this evening. This was the view from our driveway, with just a couple minor edits. (Taken with my phone.) When I heard the first firecrackers, I went inside and grabbed my camera. 

I was excited to catch a few good shots, since it wasn't a continuos show and I didn't know which direction to focus on. 

Through the pines - this was the farthest away and what was visible over the pine trees in the distance. Kind of like a Christmas tree topper!  
Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Oh, I love the first shot!! Beautiful!

  2. You got some great shots! I didn't see any last night, so I'm happy to see yours. :)



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