Thursday, July 9, 2015


Working from home has it's perks: I choose the hours I work and nobody knows if my hairs a mess, my clothes are ironed or my makeup is on. I'm not an early morning girl and now I don't have to be presentable and on the road early. My morning commute is short and the only traffic I have is a dog or cat! My creativity is best in the late afternoon and evenings and here I sit writing this post at 11:00 at night. 

Sometimes I miss the conversations with people and coworkers. I've been busy for the last few weeks and haven't been out a about too much and well the last day or two, I've been moody. Yesterday I just wanted to hook up my camper and take off somewhere, anywhere. I needed to get out and nothing was time sensitive for today's orders. I packed some snacks, a thermos of tea and water and headed to the farm mid morning. I was going to mow on my tractor a while and work on my farmers tan, although my tractor wouldn't crank. Wahhhhhhhhh, I wanted to cry. 

So on to Plan B. I wasn't in the mood to go back home yet and didn't want to be in a rush to get anywhere. I knew of a few garage sales in the area and decided to check them out! 

Hidden under this pile of blankets and towels was a bunch of very vintage french lace and several doilies! Ahhh, my day just got better! I mean for Pete's sake, why would they hide the pretty stuff? 

You better believe I scopped it all up! I may or may not have a lace hoarding problem and to think when I was a kid, I hated lace! 

I ventured on to a few more sales and met a very interesting couple, got two pair of shorts and a hoop that I hope to turn into a doily dream catcher, all the while drinking tea from my thermos.

Then I stopped to visit with a friend for a while. I needed today to get out, to visit, to have conversation and of course find vintage lace. Afterall, finding pretty lace is part of my job! Plan B was what I needed and made my day better. I'm trying to see the positive in Plan A not working out.  I came home, photographed a couple of bouquets and now I'm ready to get back to creating tomorrow and figuring out what's wrong with that tractor. Well, maybe Jeff can figure that out. 

Thanks for letting me ramble on...

Now, what should I make with all this lace??? 

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