Monday, July 27, 2015

Rusty Garden Planters and Visitors

I don't think I ever shared this framed oregano on here. This frame is what was left when an old junk wheelbarrow rusted out and of course, I didn't throw it away! The flower pot is missing a few of its peg feet, so it wouldn't sit up, so I tied on some burlap ribbon and made it a hanging planter instead. A wreath hanger holds the plant on the door inside my gazebo. Do you see the photo bomber?  

This itsy bitsy, little frog has been hanging out around the gazebo! In the top picture, he is sitting on the frame, here he is on the planter 

And then one night he was in this bucket of coleus! 
He just set there staring me down as I took a bunch of pictures of him. I figured once my flash went off that he would jump and land on my camera, but he never moved a muscle. 

I love rusty buckets of flowers! 

Also found this praying mantis while watering one evening. I bet he was praying I wouldn't give him a good shower with the water hose! 

Other than my little visitors, there hasn't been much happening in the yard lately. It's hot, dry, and not much is blooming. I realized a few weeks ago that several of my lantanas didn't come back this year. They must have drowned in the spring, so the butterflies and I am missing the yellow blooms. I planted 2 packages of sunflower seeds, two seeds came up and I think a rabbit ate one of them down. I've put a cage around the lone stem and hoping we might get a sunflower bloom sometime soon.  I also planted sweet potatoes, that have yet to make an appearance, so needless to say, my garden isn't flourishing this year. How about you? Do you have a garden bounty this year or has it been a bust? 

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  1. I cannot get sunflower seeds to grow for me! I love them, and get disappointed every time. You've reminded me about lantana - I was going to get some and forgot. The only trouble with them, they take over everything.

    Can't see the frog in the first pic; must be my tired old eyes. :)



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