Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hannah and Collin's Wedding Flowers

Today I had the privilege of designing flowers for Hannah and Colin's wedding. Their colors were pale pink, cream, and white. This arch is one of my favorites to ever design! Hannah had an idea in mind and we created it in her colors and flowers. I absolutely love the cascading flowers! 

cascading wedding arch flowers
The arch had pink and cream roses, alstromerias, white cushions, the prettiest hanging green amaranthus I've ever used, along with assorted greenery and babies breath. 
GypsyFarmGirl wedding flowers
We decorated the chairs on the aisle with babies breath and tulle, with the parent rows getting a little extra touch.
The bridal bouquet
GypsyFarmGirl fresh flower wedding bouquet
Bridesmaid bouquet
Janice East Designs
Toss bouquet
The wedding and reception was held at Lantana Road Activity Center just outside of Gilmer. It was a beautiful location to have the wedding outdoors and the reception inside. 

Janice East Designs / GypsyFarmGirl
The bridal bouquet on the bride and groom's table.
bridal bouquet displayed on the bride and groom's table
A special thanks to Angea for coming out and helping me decorate the arch and chairs! We had to wait on a rain shower to start the outside decorating. Our feet and jeans were wet and our hair was sweaty from the humidity. We had a fun time working together and embraced the #hotmess we were and got a picture in front of our creation! The rain held off for the wedding and they had a fabulous lightening show to the west, as more thunderstorms approached the area. I always heard that "if it rains on your wedding day, you'll be rich."

wedding arbor flowers in pink and white

Congratulations to Hannah and Collin! Wishing you many years of love and happiness together! Thank you for allowing us to have a part of your wedding!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cheri and Joseph's Wedding

Cheri and Joseph's Wedding 

Cheri and Joseph were married in June at Hurlburt Field Church on the air force base in Florida and she recently shared pictures from their wedding! 

The gorgeous bride carried a burlap and lace bouquet with robin's egg blue, natural tan, and white burlap roses. The handle of the bouquet holder was covered in raffia and turquoise ribbon was braided over the handle. The groom and his son wore a matching burlap boutonniere. 

Wedding photo Heather Clark Photography

Wedding photo by Heather Clark Photography - Burlap wedding bouquet by GypsyFarmGirl

Heather Clark Photography - Flowers by GypsyFarmGirl

photo by Heather Clark Photography

Heather Clark Photography - bouquet by Gypsy Farm Girl
Cheri was a wonderful bride to work with and I send my congratulations and best wishes to your family and hope you have a happy and wonderful life together! Also, we thank you for your families service to our country! 
Wedding photo by Heather Clark Photography - wedding flowers by Janice East Designs / GypsyFarmGirl

*Pictures in this post provided and used with permission from the bride and were taken by 

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gone Junkin - Wooden Nickles, Chandeliers, and Snakes!

All in a days work - finally getting around to sharing our Thursday Junkin' adventures and let me tell ya, this is one we won't soon forget! Angea and I started met up at an estate sale Thursday morning. We found some vintage lace and a few items there. There was this bucket of wooden nickles that was used as advertising for the company the family owned. It led me to telling the story of what my Granddaddy always told me. When parting ways, many people say things like "after while crocodile" or "see you later, alligator." Not in my family! Granddaddy always told me "Don't take no wooden nickles...Don't kill any dead snakes."  

Well, I did take a few of the free wooden nickles...

While we at the estate sale, Angea talked to a friend and she alerted us to an unadvertised garage sale, so we decided to go check it out and found some gorgeous blush lace panels there, although its what we saw between the two sales, that we won't forget! 

We see this huge chandelier in a dumpster and of course we decided to stop and grab it up! I start to grab the chandy and Angea hollers "there's a dead snake!" I had to get photo proof and snapped a couple pictures before we loaded the chandelier up. Thank goodness it was a dead snake and we followed Granddaddy's advise and did not kill a dead snake!
It has a couple of bent arms, but just look how big it is! I can see visions of it hanging from an old oak tree with flowers, battery operated candles, and fabric intertwined in it for an outdoor wedding. 
We then ventured on to another estate sale on our way to add some new items in our booth at Uniques and Antiques in Mineola, Texas. We had lunch, restocked our booth, then met up with another vendor friend.
Angea's fabric pumpkin patch keeps growing and she adds new styles each week!

That's a square crochet table cloth on the hutch. Prices have been marked down on some items in our booth, so be sure to check back on some of the items. 

I love that denim and lace jacket that Angea repurposed! Embroidery is suppose to be a hot item for fall and this shirt has vintage embroidery and lace adorning it. There's several different styles of shirts and jackets to choose from. 

Our farmhouse mantle... Can we just say those white pumpkins are  fantastic! 

I've been working on some new tin signs and created some rustic pumpkins. (A larger selection of pumpkin and Mason jar signs are available in my online shop and available to ship worldwide.)
After getting back to Angea's house, I then decided I should run to Longview and get supplies for some weddings and events happening next week. I needed to secure the items, so me and my chandelier took off to Hobby Lobby.

Then it was time to go feed the horses and donkey. This is the boss horse, who has never let another animal eat with him or even come near him while eating. Somehow, someway he lets Ronnie D, the donkey, eat with him. Ronnie came to live on the farm last summer and was considered a "wild sh!t" by his previous owners, although now he loves attention and being petted. They have separate troughs, but end up eating together. I shake my head every time I see it, because I just can't believe my old horse will let someone eat with him!
The heifers were checking out what all was in my truck, while I was checking on them... or maybe they said it needed cleaning! If you missed the "What's in a Junker's Truck" post, you can check it out here.

Ah, finally home after about 10 hours on the go and unloading my junkin' finds!

I bought a petticoat at one estate sale! My mannequin needs a skirt for her next modeling gig! I got a ladder, a large frame, several vintage lace pieces, doilies, and some brooches.
I mean how could we pass this baby up?
Pretty doilies and an enamel bowl...

Talk about pretty blush lace!

It was a fun day with some neat finds. I went back to one estate sale today (Saturday) and found a few more goodies! I found a tv tray and orange mason jar pitcher top that is just like the one Grandmama had. We would carry dinner to Granddaddy in the hayfield on that tray and eat on the back of a truck or trailer bed. She would also make him lemonade in a mason jar and the orange handle / lid would allow you to pour out of the jar. (I'm sure it has an appropriate name, but I don't know it.) Those are a few finds that I intend to keep for myself...

 Have you found anything good while out junking recently or have a crazy tale to tell?

Just remember - Don't take any wooden nickles or kill any dead snakes, but do take the gorgeous chandy in the dumpster!