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Ten Reasons to Choose Fabric Bouquets for Your Wedding

Ten Reasons to Choose Fabric Bouquets for Your Wedding. 

Burlap and Lace Wedding Bouquets

1. The same bouquet can be used for your bridal portraits, carried on your wedding day, plus you have a keepsake bouquet for many years to come. This saves you from paying extra for multiple bouquets and additional preservation cost. 

reasons to choose a fabric wedding bouquet

Carole's Bridal Portraits in a Field of Texas Bluebonnets - Photo by Matt Smith
2. So many fabric colors available to match your wedding colors. Some colors are not available in fresh flowers (example: navy blue or turquoise.) I currently have over 40 burlap colors and a growing satin fabric inventory. 

rustic wedding flowers
Four most common size bouquets in my shop - (Left to right) Bridal Bouquet, toss bouquet, medium size bridesmaid bouquet, and small bridesmaid bouquet. 
3. Someone in the wedding party is allergic to fresh flowers. An allergy attack is not needed during the wedding ceremony. 
western wedding ideas
Chelsey and Sam's Rustic Wedding - Photo by Amy-Lew Photography
4. No worrying about fresh flowers wilting because of heat, freezing in cold weather, fragile blooms, or if flowers will be in season at your wedding. No special transportation or storage issues to deal with. 
bride and groom  - western wedding
Preston and Charlene's Western Wedding - Photo by Stacey Hansen Photography.
5. Affordable compared to fresh flowers. My average fabric bridal bouquet is $85.00, while fresh bouquets can average $150.00-$250.00.
burlap and lace wedding flowers
Grey, tan, and white burlap wedding flowers - bridal, toss, and bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres
6. Take your own bouquet to a destination wedding. 
beach wedding bouquet
Seashell Bouquet - great for a beach wedding! 
7. Eloping - pack your bridal bouquet in your suitcase and run! 

bridal bouquet for eloping
This couple eloped in New Hampshire! Photo by Ashley-Lynn Photography
8. Pre-planning - you can order early spread out your  wedding expenses over a time period. Many brides order six months to year in advance and can have that item marked off their wedding check list ahead of time.  

rose gold wedding flowers
Rose gold and cream  satin fabric bridal bouquet with pearls and rhinestones.
9. You get exactly what you see on all ready to ship bouquets and have final approval, before shipping on custom orders. Therefore, you know exactly what you are getting and any changes can be made, if desired. 

burlap bouquets for rustic wedding
A picture of a completed wedding order sent to the bride to be, before shipping. Close ups of each item are also sent. 
10. Each bridesmaid in the wedding has a keepsake bouquet to take home. They can display in a vase or container of their choice and have a memento from your wedding, without having to pay for preservation. (The raw edge burlap is treated to help deter additional fraying.)

rustic wedding party
See more of Alex and J.D.'s Wedding here. Photo by Kirsten Pribula
I'm here to create unique fabric bouquets for your wedding. Please message me and we can discuss ideas, colors, and styles for your dream wedding! Worldwide shipping is available. 

Benefits of fabric wedding flowers
Looking forward to helping you,

Rustic Wedding Designer

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