Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Making Me Look Good Again"

I've been working on some new products this summer and finally was able to have a photo shoot this week. I'm excited to reveal some of the new items that are now available in my etsy shop

Fall fashion, decor, rustic plus new styles of elegant fabric bouquets were combined for a fun day of staging and photographing everything in front of my glamper, along with watching the solar eclipse! 
Gussie the Glamper, vintage camper used for photo shoot

Last month, when I ask for everyone's favorite songs and created the free Spotify playlist, I was reminded of many old favorites and introduced to several new songs. One of those was "Making Me Look Good Again" by Drake White. One of the verses jumped out at me and described some of the items on my work bench and a vision I had for my photo shoot. 

Leather and lace,
Denim and pearls,
Whiskey and wine,
They go just fine, 
Like you and me girl...

Gussie the Glamper
 New clothes for fall, new decor, new wedding bouquets... it's time to look good again. 
Gypsy Farm Girl repurposed fashion

Leather and Lace... and FRINGE! Yes, please. 

Tommy Hilfiger Purse with added fringe

I added chocolate brown fringe to this Tommy Hilfiger purse and created the lace fringe purse with vintage linens I found at a recent estate sale. 

gypsy farm girl
 This hobo bag with a peace sign begged for some turquoise fringe!

GypsyFarmGirl Rustic Wedding Bouquet
Several styles of denim shirts are now available. Some with lace...
Denim shirt with vintage lace
Others distressed. All fun and one-of-a-kind! 
bleached denim shirt

 Denim jacket with a turquoise, lace, and leopard cactus and an ombre denim shirt with arrows...

ombre denim shirt with arrows

New styles of fabric bouquets with pearls...
these are ready to ship bouquets, although customization's and coordinating bridesmaid bouquets are possible! 

rose gold wedding flowers

Rose gold and cream colors with rhinestones and pearls.

fabric brooch bouquet
Turquoise satin with vintage pearls and jewels. 

elegant fabric bouquet - burgundy, pink, white

Romantic wine, blush pink, and cream...
farm wedding bouquet

I use wine bottles to hold all the bouquets while I make them and that whisky bottle is just cool western decor to me! I bought the guitar with intentions to make it over (paint, bling, etc) although Jeff has objections and doesn't want me to "ruin" it, so the jury is still out on what will happen with it! For now, photo prop...

Cactus painting

repurposed fashion

One side of me loves the muted. natural colors while the other side screams for bright colors and excitement... They merge together just fine for an eclectic style. Granddaddy always said "You're one of a kind girl, you are one of a kind." I've decided he was absolutely right and wouldn't have it any other way!  All the clothing items and some arrangements are one-of-a-kind, so make sure you get them while they last!
burlap and lace wedding bouquets
Jeff was great to help me get everything set up and put away when I was finished. This is what my table looked like in the middle of my shoot... My big tumbler (I filled it up 6 times that day - It was hot, y'all) and his coffee cup and two pair of welding goggles for viewing the eclipse! We had a partial eclipse here and would look up every little while. 
rustic wedding boquuets

I also had a sweet "helper" part of the time! She likes to be in the middle of everything!

A few of the items have already sold, although most can still be found in my shop and can be shipped worldwide or I can meet/deliver if in the local area. The red fringe jacket is not listed in my shop, although if you are interested, it is a size medium and I would sell it. Technically its not vintage and I didn't make or altered it in any way, so I can't list it on etsy...Send me a message!

As always, I THANK YOU for supporting handmade! Your support is very much appreciated!

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