Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Reloved Life

My Reloved Life - giving second chances to previously loved, used, worn, and discarded items. 

Because we believe in rescuing, repurposing, reusing, as much as we can and in turn creating a new-found love for cast away items.  

There are so many stories and history in the items and they must be told and get to live on. Whether its furniture, decor items, clothing, vintage lace, gazebos, campers, bottomless ol' buckets, or lots of other items we find along the junkin' trail, the stories should be told and passed on. Honestly, we have one store bought piece of furniture in our house now and it doesn't feel like it really belongs here anymore. We have decided to share our stories and pictures with the hashtag #myrelovedlife to chronicle the items we rescue and love again. 

I kinda sorta made a new years resolution to wear at least one second hand or hand made item every day this year! It was more like last fall when I decided that and it's mid January and I'm just now announcing it to the world, but you know my intentions and I have upheld it pretty well. Most days I'm sporting my thrift store or garage sale jeans, which may or may not have a few holes in them. This winter, I've been wearing lots of cozy flannels, as well. 

Occasionally, I do wear a store bought outfit, so for days like that, its a good thing my favorite turquoise necklace came from a garage sale! Almost everyday, I'm wearing at least one of my cuff bracelets, made from reclaimed leather belts and hand made by some of my favorite cuff makers on Instagram.  

It's always an adventure and fun to see what things you can find while out searching for second hand treasures and items to relove. Thursdays are our unofficial junkin' and pickin' day with Angea, so we are going to attempt to share our reloved post on Thursdays. Of course, that's subject to change and fluctuate, just as the inventory at thrift stores and the weather (It was 17 degrees this weekend, over 80 today)! You just never know what you might find and the garage sales are slim to none in the winter time, so maybe we'll highlight some projects from the past on those weeks. 

Please join with us and use #myrelovedlife to share what you are giving second chances to and I'll feature some of my favorites, because there's so many items out there begging to my rescued, loved again, and have their story told. 

Details of today's picture / outfit, as I was unloading my new treasures - my favorite thrift store jeans - with a lace "patch" covering a big hole (paid less than $5 used, new in store over $40), one of my GpysyFarmGirl t shirts, garage sale turquoise necklace and my cuff bracelet.
Mirror found while out junkin' today - it's begging for some cleaning and painting. 
Of course, Miss Gussie's makeover is almost all second hand, minus the mattress, sheets (because you can't find 3/4 size bedding hardly anywhere), and a string of lights (bought with a super coupon, of course.) Then there's a pile of rusty treasures I've been collecting for some future projects. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Tumbler Wraps!

Fun new tumbler wraps are now available online. Show your Yeti some L-O-V-E with a new rustic sleeve, just in time for Valentine's Day. Of course, they can be used anytime and will fit other 30 ounce cups (mine is not the name brand)! I can't pick a favorite one. 
I mean pink Mason jars, leopard print arrows, heart with wings, lace, and jute - whats not to LOVE about all that?!?
Junk is Love, with fun furry fringe! And with some strange turn of events, I'm starting to like leopard print (but only in small batches.) 
 Gone Junkin' and Vintage trucks and glampers - see why I can't pick a favorite? Turquoise and now Hot Pink fringe options, after someone inquired about pink fringe on these.

 Fun and Flirty Vintage Cowgirls and Lace
 Or just a little rustic and shabby.

Seven new styles, seven days of the week...hmmm, maybe my tumbler needs a different outfit for everyday of the week! So tell me - which one do you LOVE the most???

Find all these and more in my etsy shop
Additional wraps and styles available in our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola, Texas

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spring + Love at Uniques and Antiques

It's a new year and time for a little update to our Uniques and Antiques booth in Mineola, Texas.

Some Valentine love and springy items arrived today... Because we are anxiously awaiting spring and need some color in our lives!

So this wooden calendar reminds me of the old church bulletin boards were Sunday School attendance was recorded! ALL of the months and letters are there, in a little bag. I knew if they were all on the calendar and with my luck, I would go to get the calendar off the wall and all the numbers would fall on the floor, behind the desk in our booth. So calamity avoided, bundle together in a little drawstring bag. 
Valentine wreath with primitive style heart and pip berries, white hydrangeas and a single red rose. 
The Gone Junkin' tumbler wraps have been a hit, but now your Yeti wants to have a Valentine makeover! Show it some love, with a new sleeve! (Several in stock at the booth and lots more coming online as soon as I can get them photographed and listed.)
When I follow my heart, it leads me to you pillow with a shabby heart with wings. 
A little French Country Love... 
Angea aka Rooster Tails have a ton of fun working on items for our booth and our road trips to Mineola! We had a board meeting at The Jalapeno Tree and did a little junkin on our way home this afternoon and found more treasures to makeover for our booth! 

Pssst, don't forget to look behind the wall - there's furniture, signs, bags, and more goodies once you look around! 
A pastel spring twiggy wreath, with a birdhouse. 
Oh forsythia, you brighten the wall with your yellow blooms and we can't wait to see you blooming in yards! 

All of the above items are currently available at Uniques and Antiques - 124 S. Line St. Mineola, Texas. Angea and I thank you for shopping with us and supporting local, small handmade businesses!