Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yamboree, Day 1

It's Yamboree Time! By a little after lunch, we finally had our space looking like this, but let me tell ya the story of how it got to this point! 

We really wanted to set up on Wednesday, but a front was suppose to come through during the night (1-2am, they said.) I went to bed with this forecast:  
Woke up and saw this, thinking set up would be good, 
Got in the truck and left for town to this: 
Got the camper unhooked and this happened: 

Well, hmmm... We can't build sets with fabric in the rain...
So, we had YAM PIE for breakfast! 
Jeff, Angea, and I ate pie, while Angea's husband watched it rain. He's from "tater town" and doesn't eat yam pie! It was definitely a treat - thanks Angea! 
Ah, the weather finally blew through and we were really able to start setting up. 
Special thanks, to my sister-in-law, Lisa, and nephew Jake for their assistance! We appreciated the extra hands! 

We've literally got a bed full of pillows! 

Angea and Randy built a mantle for our display! Trust me when I say, we have many more stockings available! 

Day 1 complete, thanks to everyone who came out today! We will open Friday and Saturday at 9 am and there's no rain in the forecast, just perfect fall, Yamboree weather! 
We are located at the Yamboree fair grounds. Located on US Hwy 271 north in Gilmer, Texas. The fairgrounds are located  just north of the Gilmer Civic Center and Walmart. You can't miss the "blue building" when you pull in the parking lot. We are on the former tennis courts, kind of between the blue building and playground area. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Live Life Vintagy and Fabulous!

Live life Vintagy and Fabulous! 

Here's a few more items that we've been working on for the Yamboree. 

These dream catchers were already loaded in the camper, but I had to get them back out and photograph them all together. I was sitting in a hospital waiting room last week and hand stitched the vintage doilies to the hoops and got lots of "whatcha making?" So for all the curious ones, here they are finished! 

Don't be afraid to chase your big dreams!

I kinda, seriously love vintage lace! I'm making up for that time as a kid, when I hated lace! These lace and flannel dusters are vintage and fabulous and the cold front coming tomorrow, should make it perfect weather, so we can finally wear them! 
My sweet lil' carousel horse is ready for the fair! You might have seen on Instagram (especially if you follow the stories) that I found an U-G-L-Y carousel horse, while out junkin one day. She's now a sparkly pink, gold, cream, and rose gold. My first thought was paint it solid turquoise glitter, but... 
When I saw this picture on Pinterest, I fell in love and knew this is how I would fashion her. Please bring your sweet lil' cowgirls by with their tutu's on and take a picture with her, because I need to see the sweetness in real life! Maybe she needs to decorate a whimsical nursery or girls room or she would make a great photographer's prop for mini sessions, so this could happen several times... The possibilities are endless! 
🎼 You only love me for my big sunglasses...🎼
Oh Vanessa, she's looking all sassy with her shades and big hair bow on! 
The only difference between an adventure and an ordeal, is your attitude... Here's to grand adventures! 
Our Yamboree booth starts Thursday 
at 12:00 till 6:00 pm. Friday 9:00-6:00, Saturday 9:00-5:00 at the Yamboree Fair Grounds. Come see us and say hi! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Preview of New Items in Time for Yamboree

It's Yamboree week! We've been working for months, creating lots of new items for our booth this week! Loading of the trailers has begun, so I've been taking lots of pictures as I head out the door with everything. Here's a preview of some of the things we will have available, starting on Thursday: 

Introducing Yeti / Ozark Trails / whatever brand you might have, tumbler wraps! I doubted these cups for a long time and certainly didn't pay for the name brand one, but I now use it daily and love it. This is my cup and I keep a fun wrap on it all the time and it really does keep my drink cold for a long time. This is my Gone Junkin' one, with turquoise fringe. 
There's going to be 20 and 30 ounce size cup wraps available in a variety of patterns, so your tumbler will stick out in the crowd! You may notice, the 30 ounce size will also fit on some jar candles for a decorative touch. 
The rustic, shabby version. 
We will also be offering Build Your Own Gift Baskets for Livestock Buyers Appreciation Gifts. We know the long hours and hard work that has gone into everyone's livestock projects and the nerves and anticipation as show time approaches.  
We wish you all the best of luck and hope your hard work pays off. Come see us and pick out a basket and fill it up with  different items from our booth and then we will wrap it up for you. 
There will be things like fabric pumpkins, wooden signs, give thanks frames, chicken and rabbit coasters, pig signs and mini chalkboards, cattle and western pillow covers. Angea and her son have made lots of Texas wooden signs and key holders and I know all you Aggies at the livestock barns will love the Aggie items she has! 
These farmhouse signs could make a great thank you gifts as well. 
Between Angea and I, we have produced a large assortment of pumpkins! 

Always stay humble and kind and give thanks. 

Have I mentioned Texas size hair bows? 
I've had a few request lately for big hair bows and will have several on headbands or barrettes to choose from. 
We've got the cactus, wanderlust, boho, gypsy line, with bright colors and fun new pieces.  

We will have approximately 150+ repurposed clothing items to choose from! The cold front passing through this week, will be just right for flannel shirts and denim jackets! How cute would the little gypsies be, with these kids sized distressed flannels and a pair of fringe moccasins?!? 
Layers of lace adorn several shirts and jackets!

Gone Junkin' 

Start gathering your Christmas decorations and gifts now! We will both have an assortment of Christmas wreaths - from rustic country, rope wreaths to traditional styles. 
I have lots of burlap stockings and I can't wait to see the French country stockings Angea has made!
Of course, we will have truck and glamper pillows and some will have Christmas trees. 
I love tiered trays and Angea's make me swoon, with their upcycled kitchen items! 
Seriously, together we have SO much fun junk! We can't wait to see it all displayed together and for y'all to come see what all we've been working on. Our booth will be located on the tennis courts, just north of the blue building at the Yamboree fair grounds.