Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on lately -

New Curtains
A French Country Bench Makeover
French Country Signs (its from a florist)
Burlap Wedding Orders
Demolishing lots of dust bunnies for this photo shoot ;)

Up to this point, I would have never considered my decorating style French Country. I've always liked the look in magazines and on Pinterest, but never had a French influence in our home. This past weekend, I browsed the Funky Junk link up party and was inspired to makeover this bench (its been in the shed over a year.) That led me to the Graphics Fairy website and I made use of several French advertisements and graphics.

 I'll  share lots more in the next few days - Stay tuned! 


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Turquoise and Yellow Burlap and Lace Weddings

 I recently had two custom orders for turquoise and yellow burlap bouquets. The first wedding was for butter yellow and turquoise bouquets, while the second wedding was a sunnier, brighter yellow burlap with bling and feathers.
burlap wedding bouquet
 The first bouquet was based on this pink and white bridal bouquet that I made last year, with lots of lace, doilies, bling and pearls, along with burlap roses.
burlap and lace - rustic wedding bouquetburlap bridal bouquet
 The bridesmaids carried bouquets of yellow and tan along with turquoise and tan burlap roses and ivory lace.
burlap bridesmaid bouquet
 The weather was cold and damp, so I set up my photo shoot in the hay barn, using this old sewing machine table.
burlap and lace bridesmaid bouquet for rustic wedding

 This next wedding had several pieces. Here is a group shot of all the sunny yellow and turquoise. It sure cheered me up to work on all the yellow, while it was so cold and dreary outdoors.

burlap wedding bouquets
 The bridal and toss bouquet had feathers and bling, while the bridesmaid bouquets had pearl accents.
burlap and lace wedding
The bride envisioned 2 smaller roses in turquoise and yellow and I helped bring her vision to life for all the men in the wedding party.
turquoise and yellow burlap boutonnieres

 This was on of the wrist corsages from her order. See the chill bumps on my arm? I told you it was cold!
mother of the bride corsage

I'm always thankful to work with wonderful customers and wish all the families the best as the prepare for their upcoming wedding and new marriage. 


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Friday, January 23, 2015

Fun Friday Finds

I saw an ad for a single garage sale in the mid-week newspaper and made up my mind that I was going early Friday morning. So I put on my warm layers, wool socks and big jacket and tore out early this morning. A yard sale in January is a rarity around here, so many junkers descended upon the scene. 
The shabby pink lamp was hid under another plain shade. I wondered what was hiding under the white shade and found this fabulous vintage hanging light! Now, it's got a few tares in it and the fringe has a few frays, but oh my stars, I love it. I came home, put a lightbulb in it and plugged it in and it works. Oh yeah, I think it needs to hang in our bedroom! 
My finds definitely took on a lamp theme. 
Two of these little chandeliers were in a box and I quickly snatched them up. We had a monsoon yesterday (okay, just a couple inches) and the box was wet. Halfway to checkout, the box fell apart. My heart sunk. I was relieve the globes didn't break though! One is complete and one is missing a few jewels. Now what to do with them? 
I had already checked out and went back and got this light. I had passed it up at first, but felt it would be the one thing I'd regret not getting. It may replace the globe in the camper, whatcha think?
And I got a lace wedding dress! It's hanging in my shower right now. Remember the monsoon? It was wet, so it's hang drying. When I buy a vintage wedding dress, I always get the same question: "So, you getting married?" Then I explain I do vintage burlap and lace weddings and bouquets, so I use it in decorations. (The last one is my curtain in the camper.) 
The old metal gas can jumped in my pile of goods too, along with a couple wreaths and the blanket. Don't get me started on those plastic jugs and flimsy spouts they sell today... 

 I drove home smiling - It was a pretty great morning! So do you have any recent thrifting treasures to tell about? 


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