Monday, July 9, 2018

It's Time for the Mineola Antique Fair!

It's almost time for the Mineola Antique Fair July Show, so I thought we should share some of the things that Angea from Rooster Tails and I will have available. You can find us at the fair Friday and Saturday - July 13-14 from 9:00-5:00 at 115 Lankford St. in downtown Mineola, Texas. (Located right behind the Sonic off Hwy 80 or just a couple blocks from the train depot on Hwy 69.)

Before we opened last month, I was trying to figure out how we could make signs with our business names on them and some way to hang things from the building rafters. Jeff used his ingenuity and created hangers that hook over the rafters easily and we can hang things from them! Love that creative man of mine! Still we needed signs that could be seen across the building...I've had the large heart with wings hanging in my yard for a while, and decided to paint GypsyFarmGirl on it. Then I decided that I would make Angea a Rooster Tails sign. I free-handed this chicken weather vane and cut it out of tin (very similar to the image she has on her business cards.) I love how it turned out, other than when the light hits it a certain way, you can't see all the letters. 

Angea's got a vintage bicycle and I found this cute tricycle recently. Aren't they a cute pair?
 We went on a fabulous junk pickin' trip a few weeks ago and we love this chippy metal cabinet. It's one of those things I hate to give up, but I don't really have a place for it at home.

 The chippy cabinet is setting on top of a vintage metal bar cart. Enamel pans, a kettle, vintage tin ceiling tiles... we loved that load of junk we found!
 Speaking of finding things - I was cleaning a closet a few weeks ago and what I thought was a tub of lace was actually a bunch of vintage quilts! I guess it pays to clean after all ;)
 Pretty in Pink - Some of our vintage farmhouse finds.
 You might have noticed we have lots of glass jars. Let me add that they are very reasonably priced and would be perfect for storing items in your home, gifts, messages in a bottle, herb tonics / tinctures, etc. A couple remind me of the jars my Grandmama always put the peanut brittle and peppermint patties in at Christmas time! If you saw the square jar with a lid on the counter, you knew she had been making treats!
 While we love summer, we are starting to dream about fall pumpkins and scarecrows.

 Need vintage door knobs? We've got some!

We've still got to take another load of items to add back to our booth before we open up on Friday. The following pictures were taken at the last show. I bring home the clothes, tin signs, tumbler wraps and other items that are in my etsy shop and take back each time. (It's about 30 miles from my house and the building is only open occasionally, so I can't leave all my online inventory over there.)

Most of these clothing items pictured below is listed in my etsy shop, so I can ship them and the tin signs almost anywhere, if you're unable to make it to the show in Mineola. For all of you who can't make it, there is FREE Shipping on Clothing right now! If there's something else you see in our pictures that you are interested in and can't find it in my online store - please send us a message (email/facebook/etsy/instagram) and if it's able to be shipped, we will be happy to send it to you! 

In fact, if time permits, Angea and I might even go Live on Facebook to have a preview and sale from the fair, giving everyone an opportunity to shop, no matter where you are located! 

Vintage Queen! 

Welcome Y'all mason jar tin signs. Display on your door, add to a wreath, on a wall, on the porch, etc.
Denim and lace vest / kimono - the lace is from a vintage wedding dress!
Hay Y'all!

In Rust We Trust - Live Love Junk

Reminder - the sale is the Second Friday and Saturday of the month. Although, if your passing through at other times of the month and see the doors open, you'll find some vendors working and you can do some shopping. Some of our stuff is there all month, while I do bring home some of it, including anything that's in my online shop. Make sense? I hear there's a food truck that's suppose to be there, someone with fried pies, and several new vendors will make their debut this month.

The Mineola Rodeo is also happening this week or you can stop by the nearby Mineola Nature Preserve (click here to see my blog post about our recent visit to the preserve.) There's lots of other fun shops to visit in Mineola or the Lake Country Playhouse and Historic Select Theater is a good place to take in a movie (and the vintage style billboard sign out there is photo worthy and one that I need to photograph.)

Hope you can come out and see us! Please introduce yourself if you are a follower, because I would love to meet you in person and thank you for being a part of this journey!

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