Sunday, July 8, 2018

Rustic Burlap and Lace Wedding Bouquets

I thought I would share a few recent wedding bouquets I've made for several brides-to-be and a few ready to ship bouquets I've added to my shop recently. I'm already getting several request for 2019 weddings and always look forward to helping with your wedding plans! 

The first one has one burlap roses, ivory lace, white feathers, and pearl accents. One of my favorites - It's been a while since I had a request for this bouquet.
Rustic burlap and lace bride's bouquet with feathers
The creamy white colors are always elegant for the bride to carry and can match any color scheme. The bouquet below is a new and "ready to ship" bouquet. It usually ships out same or next business day, so you can get it quickly. It features an assortment of flowers and textures including elegant satin flowers with vintage jewelry / brooches, rustic burlap roses, silk roses, lace flowers, heather, and organic style greenery cascading out of the bouquet...rustic, vintage, glam! 
burlap, lace, satin flowers

 Always a favorite - turquoise burlap bridal bouquet.
rustic wedding flowers
 This is a toss bouquet and two wristlet corsages made for the mother of bride and groom to wear for the wedding.
rustic wedding flowers

burlap wristlet corsages
Of course, we can't forget the guys boutonnieres! For this wedding, the groom and best man are getting a two rose boutonniere and the rest of the groomsmen will have the turquoise single rose boutonnieres. 
Here's a variation of the turquoise burlap bouquet with a natural organic style greenery flowing from the arrangement. Each boutonniere had a green leaf added to it as well. 
rustic burlap bouquet with greenery

For the camo weddings - this bridal bouquet has camo, orange, tan, and chocolate brown burlap roses and lace. 

Two camo toss size bouquets that the bridesmaids will carry.
 So I'm already thinking fall and lots of you are in the planning stages for autumn weddings. This fall bouquet is a new "ready to ship" bouquet that is waiting for you in my etsy shop. This arrangement has rich colors and textures with sunflowers, mums, fall daisies, leaves burlap roses, lace, and pheasant feathers.
rustic fall wedding flowers
The navy burlap and lace bouquet continues to be a favorite of many brides! This is the bridal and toss size bouquets.

rustic keepsake wedding flowers
 The next two pictures show additional sizes of the bouquets. This shows two medium size bouquets - often chosen for maid / matron of honor or for a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. This size does come with a lace collar, similar to the bridal size (smaller bouquets do not have the lace collar unless specifically requested.) burlap and lace wedding flowers
 This is a small size bridesmaid bouquet and boutonnieres. The groom will wear the white rose bout and the groomsmen will have the navy ones.

rustic wedding flowers

With over 40 colors of burlap in stock, the color combinations are endless!

 I love to help create bouquets for your wedding - whether its one of the popular color combinations or working with you to create custom one of a kind arrangements. Send me a message and we can discuss your wedding ideas! Not on etsy - guest checkout is available or you can send me an email (link on sidebar) or message on Facebook.

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