Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ronnie D Donkey

We interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you Ronnie D Donkey!

Jeff and Ronnie D are listening to Max Armstrong's Farm Report and we are attempting to blog while sitting at the farm picnic table.

Silly Donkey he wanted a drink of my ice tea! 

Pssttt - he approves of the Summer Vibes Tumbler Wrap and said to tell you that you can find others in my etsy shop, that he hasn't slobbered on! There's also some clothing items with the same style Summer graphic on them. 

 You sure do make it hard to get any work done, Ronnie D! We've got blog post to write and  graphics to create... Ok, ok, you can help me!


 I will say two stray dogs tried to sneak up on us and Ronnie D chased them out of the field. Guess he's trying to earn his keep and head of security. (That's why a lot of farmers have donkeys in their fields with cattle - they help protect the herd from dogs attacking then baby calves.) 

When he came to live at the farm 2 years ago, his previous owners called him a "wild $hi+" and said "just do what you can with him." Well, as you can see, now he loves to be all up in our business! Although I will say he's not halter broke and he can still run a wild streak at times, but still... he loves him some attention and donkey treats!

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  1. OMG! I would LOVE to have such a great friend! How blessed are you!!


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