Friday, July 14, 2017

Junkin' Adventures!

Yesterday, Angea and I had some fun adventures, redecorating our Uniques and Antiques booth space. If you follow on facebook or instagram you know I've been working on a few little projects this week and we decided a booth makeover was in store. Yes, we just fixed our new space up 6 weeks ago, but we are women and we love to rearrange! 
I went to Angea's house to load her goods up and as we were getting ready to leave, I looked back and saw our two "backseat drivers" and we had to take a funny selfie with them, before we got on the road! 

Miss Prissy Petticoats is now in our booth, along with some of our repurposed clothing items (we still have clothes online, as we will keep an assortment in the booth and available for shipping. See something in my shop and want to see it in the booth, message me and I can take it on our next trip over.) 

I made her petticoats from chopping off a couple of vintage wedding dresses - love all the ruffles! 
Petticoats and Repurposed Clothing
Angea's scarecrow now welcomes guest to our booth! It's finally got hot in Texas, so we are beginning to dream of fall and pumpkins and scarecrows.
Mr. Scarecrow
We rearranged the mantle and hung clothes racks chairs on the wall for our clothes and additional shelf space.

Flea Market Style booth
The desk and some items were marked down this week. The desk would be great for someone preparing their classroom for Back to School.
Vintage kitchen utensils and finds

repurposed clothing
I am loving these little necklaces! I have several boxes of vintage linens that are stained or have holes in them, but I just can't bare the thought of throwing them away. Someone worked so hard to create the beautiful handiwork... Well, some of the small embroidery flowers are now one of a kind necklaces! I forgot to get a picture, but there's also a shirt with some of the same linens added for a unique appearance.
GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails booth at Uniques and Antiques

Farmhouse style booth

Gone Junkin' - our motto for Thursdays or anytime really! There are tumbler wraps online and in our booth in several styles. 
GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails booth at Uniques and Antiques
Y'all were all so good to help me figure out what these pink little ditties were and it was decided that they were for Mint Julep or juice cup cozies. (They also fit a root beer bottle or the old snuff jars, as I don't have any cups that size.)
The mantle side of our space is now rustic farmhouse / neutral colors. Angea made the chicken wire frame and wreath combo and it looks great over a mantle! Candle sticks make great pumpkin pedestals!
GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails booth at Uniques and Antiques
I made several pillows from the vintage linens I found last week. There was a yellow rose embroidery table cloth in the mix, but it had a red drink stain in it. I cut the table cloth in two pieces and was able to make pillow covers and get rid of that ugly red mark.

As I was making the pillows, I had visions of Sweet Aunt Ethyl at the church picnic and little Jim Bob. I'm sure she thought an ugly thing or two about the little boy who sat his Big Red drink on her embroidered table cloth. With a smile, she said "It's ok Sister Alice, no big deal" as her friend apologized for the little bratty boy who ruined her handiwork.

I hope Ethyl (or whoever made these pretties) approves of what I've recreated with their linens. I feel its my job to rescue the old linens and try my best to find a new life for them
GypsyFarmGirl and Rooster Tails booth at Uniques and Antiques

Find our booth inside Uniques and Antiques at 124 S. Line Street in historic Mineola, Texas. They are open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Some items can also be found in my online shop for world wide shipping. 

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  1. You girls are having the time of your lives, and that's a beautiful thing! Two smart ladies doing what they love, that's the best kind of job to have. :)



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