Monday, July 3, 2017

Rustic Summer Garden Tour

 I'm a fan of golden hour, sun setting through the trees, and enjoying the fiddling around in the yard in the evenings. Come on over and take a walk around the yard with me! 

The gazebo has several rusty buckets hanging from springs. 
summer garden tour
 You may remember that these two hanging baskets are "bottomless buckets". Plastic pots are liners inside the galvanized buckets and serve as a focal point when walking up to the gazebo. The herbs are going crazy in these two baskets!
summer garden tour

Flea Market Style Gardening

 Hens and Chicks are overflowing the wheelbarrow.
rustic garden tour

My garden is full of Roots and Wings! Many of the roots in my yard have been shared by friends and family and tells a story and of course I love watching my feathers friends.
Creeping Jenny in vintage bird cage
I haven't planted anything in these buckets...yet! I'm telling myself these buckets are water troughs for the little critters in the yard.
rustic garden tour
 A rusty chicken feeder of rose moss sits on the front steps.
 Moss rose in a vintage chicken feeder on the front steps.
rustic garden tour

The yuccas are blooming along the front fence and they have really multiplied in the past few years, nearly taking over the brick patio, so I must divide them up soon and find more place to plant them.
 Pale pink crepe myrtle blooms along the path to the gazebo.
 Mexican heather finds a home in a turquoise tool box.
rustic yard

I love taking close ups (macros) of the flowers, particularly the small little blooms.  
rustic garden tour
 A little succulent in a old tea tin - I mean, the tea tin even has the word planter on it!
succulent in tea tin
 Million Bells (mini petunia like flowers.)
 Sun flares on the plants... ♥♥♥
Flea Market Style garden planters

Thanks for stopping by the rustic garden tour, this evening. Tell me, what was your favorite part?


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