Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Sunset

Friday night's sunset will be one I won't soon forget and others will be compared to. 
I was headed home on the back roads and the sky came to life. It had been pretty bland earlier, so I never expected such a show. I love being on the quite black top and being able to come to a screeching halt, jump out of the truck and capture the moment. The steers were curious as to what I was doing and lined up nicely on the horizon for me. 

 I'm sure no one else notices it as they drive by, but I love the old wooden post and rusty barbed wire of this fence. To me, it's so photogenic, especially when there's an awesome sunset behind it. 

The fabulous show has surely made up for all the gloomy winter days. 
I finally got back in my truck and headed on down the black top. This was my last picture before I got on the highway. I'm so glad I get to drive west in the afternoons and can enjoy the painting in the sky. By the way, no edits or filters were applied, just my watermark. 


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