Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Personalized Planner

 Finding a planner I liked, has seemed like a difficult task this year. I wanted something not too big, but big enough I didn't have to write itsy bitsy. Something rustic that fit my personality, durable, had to have monthly tabs (and not just the paper tab), a monthly and weekly view, with room to take a few notes if I needed. That's a lot to ask, I know. I started out with a  cheap one and just wasn't tickled. Bought another and returned it before I wrote in it.Thought about making one from scratch, but ugh, that was going to be aggravating..,  Enter my new 2015 At-A-Glance Planner!
Scrollies, flourishes, and birds on the cover, in a good shade of light turquoise blue.

 The paper wasn't stark white, had personality and quotes on each page. I'd also been looking for a inspirational quote book, so two in one is a good deal for me! But, it still needed just a little something more.
 It needed some burlap, lace and pockets. You know, I'm going to have notes, receipts, bills, and who knows what else to keep up with and it needs a place to go. I took some scrap pieces of fabric and glued to the inside the covers and on the first page (it was just a welcome page for you to put all your personal info on.) The trick is, each piece of fabric or paper is only glued on three sides, with the top open for pictures or notes to be contained.
I re-purposed a Happy Camper note card to be a pocket and to remind me to take some time this year to have a fun camping trip. 
 My new business cards came in a few weeks ago and I glued one to the cover and made a pocket to hold more to hand out.

 The back cover has a large pocket where I stashed my bills to drop off in town yesterday and an envelope  along with a place for some extra kraft paper for notes. Now it feels like my planner!
In this day and time, I know we all have phones and devises with calendars and all the organizational apps, but there's just something  about writing things down. I keep up with farm records, shop details and all kinds of things in my calendar and I love to be able to flip to a date easily or go back and review the whole year at once.  

What about you - digital or paper planner/calendar? Do you worry about it fitting your personality or just go with whatever?

(In case your wondering, I found this planner at Staples - not a advertisement, just me excited about finding my planner.)


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  1. That's so clever of you to fix it up for your own! I don't have to say, but I will, you are one smart cookie. :)


  2. I am a paper calender girl I keep my life on a calender and I want a paper one! LOL Telling my age maybe. Ya I love the computer and tablets etc. But gotta have my new paper calender every January!

  3. This looks more like you than just plain. I'm a paper calendar person. All this digital stuff doesn't seem quite right. Plus with paper, I don't have to squint :) You did a great job!


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