Thursday, January 8, 2015

A New Year, New Beginnings, and New Bouquets

Ahhh, a new year and new beginnings. It seems that is a common theme for January and this year, I'm excited about new beginnings.

 If you missed my announcement a few weeks back, 2015 finds me full-time, self-employed and so far, I'm loving it! I'm having to learn a new routine and I'm able to work from home in my fleece pajamas (It's 18 degrees as I type.) I'm always thankful for everyone who has supported my dreams and my etsy shop! 

I hope your year is off to a fabulous start. I know many of you are planning your dream wedding right now and I would love to help you. 

After the Christmas holidays, I was inspired to create some new burlap bouquets for my shop. It seems as if a common color theme for January is white and so today I will highlight some of the creamy white bouquets. I love color, although an all white / ivory bridal bouquet has always been very elegant to me, whether in burlap  or fresh  flowers. I'm working on an order now where the bride is carrying an all white bouquet and the rest of the bridal party will have bouquets and boutonnieres with jade and shades of brown burlap roses. (I'll share pics when I finished.)

The first bouquet has a white and oyster (cream) burlap roses and ivory doilies. There is a mixture of vintage and new ivory and white lace throughout the bouquet, giving it a very vintage romance feel. 
Each rose is accented with pearls and a pearl button forms the center of each doily flower. I've had several past customers ask for a thicker style handles for the bouquets and decided to do that with several of the new bouquets. Burlap, vintage lace, and a garland of ribbon roses and pearls are layered over the handle. 

burlap and lace bouquet
I've also had someone recently ask about long stem bouquets and decided to create this hand-tied, dozen rose bouquet. It has a neutral pallet of cream and tan burlap roses and lace, with pearl accents. The long stem is covered in doily style vintage ribbon. This would be great rustic bouquet for bridesmaids to carry or would make a small bridal arrangement.

The all white sunflower and burlap rose bouquet has always been a favorite among customers and now this bouquet is available for immediate shipping. It has a mixture of white and ivory lace, sunflowers, and white roses. Pearls and diamante style bling pins accent the center of the roses.
I mentioned in December about making these Mason Jar Lights for Christmas gifts and decided to create more  and now you can have one by visiting my etsy shop. I've got one in my glamper right now and love the soft glow. 
Speaking of glamper, I'm ready for the days to warm up and be able to be working in Miss Gussie some more. My little heater in there just can't keep up on these cold, cold days. 

One other new thing of note - I signed up for Google + this week. Are you on Google +? 
You might notice, my blogger profile may look a little different, since it's all linked together. I'm still exploring and trying to figure it all out. 

All items pictured are currently available for immediate shipping (usually same or next business day.)
Custom orders and matching bridal party pieces are always welcome. Please send me a request on etsy and I will be happy to help you!


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  1. They're all so beautiful! I LOVE the sunflower bouquet; it's gorgeous and I want that for my next wedding. I'll let you know when. haha

    So proud of you, Janice; you have come such a long wait and I'm happy, happy for you. xoxo


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