Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Junk Style Photo Booth at a Vintage Farm Wedding

A surprise element of Kadyn and Matt's burlap and lace vintage farm wedding was a Junk Gypsy inspired photo booth. The bride wanted the wedding to be fun and relaxed, complete with horse shoes, a ring toss, washers, a hay bale lined dance floor, and even a roping dummy, so I decided a photo booth would be a fun feature.

Photo Booth
 Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom is on my Bucket List, but someone always has to get married at the same time, so I created us a junk style photo booth. One day, I will get to prom! Until then, we will create our own fun here.
photo booth at a farm wedding
Some of you may remember me buying a wedding dress last fall. I couldn't decide what to do with - resell, cut it up for lace, make curtains, or what. It came out of the closet for an appearance in the photo booth!

vintage photo booth

We bought an old and ugly brass chandalier at a garage sale, stripped the wiring and fixtures, then painted it. I then glued fruit jars to the chandy and hung it in the booth. Kerri bought the two vintage stadium chairs at a flea market for $5.00 each! 

Photo Booth at a Vintage Farm Wedding
Kerri had this mirror and a seperate mirror stand that she kept asking me how could we use it in the wedding. The two weren't the same size, but with a little burlap intertwined, noone knew the difference. Hey, ever girl needs to look in the mirror before taking her picture, so it found a place near the photo booth! 
 written in lipstick of course and inspired by some Miranda Lambert lyrics! 

 Extra plants and signs were displayed by the photo booth. An old Dr. Pepper crate with empty soda pop bottles served as a ring toss for the kids. Wide mouth canning jar rings were used for the toss.
photo booth

I had originally been on the look out for a cool awning from an old house, but never found one. Then we thought about building a tin roof top. My husband and helper wound up not feeling good the weekend before the wedding and I was running out of time. One evening I came home from work and built the myself! I had rounded up a few "L" brackets and a bucket of screws. I drug three (extremely heavy) doors out in the yard in front of my work shop and started putting it together. I realize I had an old window that would be the perfect measurement to serve as the roof. I then knew what it was going to look like and it was going to work. There was only one problem - it was too HEAVY. I couldn't stand it up alone, nor could it be moved by two people. So I had to take it apart and reassemble it on sight.

photo booth
 Kerri, the Mother of the Bride and my very good friend, and I stopped to take a picture during rehearsal.
photo booth

burlap and lace wedding bouquet
As soon as Kadyn and Matt were married, I snapped a few pictures of them at the photo booth. Of course, one of the super cute flower girls had to photo bomb the bride and groom! 

burlap and lace bridal bouquet

A funny little side note - when Kadyn drove up to the pasture for the first time she ask - "what in the heck is the out house doing up there?" I then had to explain it was a photo booth and the out house came next! 

The Outhouse

We had a few more extra chippy peely doors left to work with and I decided to disguise the port-a-potties the best way we could! I scrounged up a piece of rusty tin out of the junk pile and painted the sign for the real Out House and used a few left over elements to decorate it. 


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  1. You did a lot of work and it all looks so nice! You are so talented!

  2. Great Job what a lot of fun! Different is Good!

  3. Hahahaa!!! The outhouse comment...
    WOW and Double WOW!
    What super ideas Janice...You really outdid yourself!

  4. You are amazing, Janice!! Your mind is exceptional when it comes to creativity.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.


  5. You're so clever! Visiting from around blog land; love the header photo, that's a fabulous bouquet.

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