Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Heather's Wedding

A few weeks ago Heather sent me a convo asking how I could incorporate purple with the burlap and lace bouquets in my etsy store. I replied that I could use purple material to create flowers, small tufts of tulle could be used in a similar fashion to the lace, or I could use purple ribbon in the bouquets.
Instead of giving me specific instructions on how to use shades of purple and plum in her bouquets, Heather said "...I would rather give your creativity free reign and let you produce what you think will look best."

 That confidence and trust in me made me fill good.
 Heather also ordered 4 wristlets. While working on her order, I would send her pictures to see and get approval before making all the items. When I sent her the picture of the wristlet, this was her response "Very nice! I was curious as to how these would look as a wristlet. Exceeds expectations!"
 Each wristlet had a chocolate, ivory, and tan burlap rose, lace, tulle, pearls, and purple ribbon.
 The bridesmaids bouquets were made with the same colors and materials.

Heather's wedding is in a few weeks at the edge of the woods on a farm, yet another wedding I wish I could see in person!
Congratulations and Best Wishes for your wedding Heather!
 I appreciated your trust and encouraging words while working to create your bouquets.


  1. You do such great work! Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh Janice !!!!!

  3. If the rest of the wedding and decorations are as lovely as what you did for her, this bride will have a very special day!


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