Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Decorating with a Black Cat

I added a little more decorations to my outdoor fall dresser this week. I found these two scarecrows over the weekend and they have taken their place for the season. The woman at the store said "awww, you're taking these poor babies home..." You could tell she was a grumpy employee, who doesn't like fall nor decorating.
 Then I come home one evening and our sweet black cat was sitting on the porch rail that is hidden by the tin. She completed the autumn scene!
 Someone ask me on Instagram if she was posed here or if it was just a "kawinkiedink". Let me tell you, Annie does exactly what she wants to and there is no way to get her to pose on demand! The tin is attached to the back porch and she declares the porch rail as her very on cat walk. I really didn't think about her being fall decor when I set up the vignette.
 All my life I've heard how black cats are unlucky, but Annie is the sweetest black kitty and we are lucky to have her.
(taken with cell phone)


  1. Oh wow! That looks great...and I love the fact your black kitty decided to be in the photo! Purrrfect :)

  2. Looks good, and Annie did make it perfect. How cute is that!!


  3. She's so funny, trying to steal the show! I sure like your display!

  4. She DID steal the show!! I LOVE it!!!!

  5. Your Kitty fit in perfectly! Love this.


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