Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Texas Longhorn Sunset

I was driving home last night, deep in thought, pondering an article I had read in MaryJanesFarm Magazine over the weekend when I happened upon this sunset. I was thinking about the article that discussed how women digging in the dirt and working on the farm seem to be healthier and have less stress. I must say, I don't mind getting dirt under my finger nails and its been over ten years since I've been to a doctor.
 I was on my way home from the farm, country music blasting on the radio, cruising the back roads as sunset approach. It had rained most of the weekend (for which I'm very thankful) and the clouds made way for the sun to light up the sky.
 I rounded one corner on the black top road and immediately had to put on the breaks and grab my camera out of my purse. I jumped out of the truck, climbed the ditch and snapped several pictures of Texas Longhorns against the sunset.
The scene brought me full circle back to the article and I thought about how much I love living in the country. You don't get to see scenes like this in the city and you sure can't stop in the middle of the road, leave your truck door open while listening to the radio, taking pictures of cows in the sunset. Yes, I'm a genuine country, farm girl and I wouldn't have it any other way!


  1. Oh Janice! How beautiful!
    What a Great country indeed...Great job Girl!

  2. i sure hope you've gone in for check-ups, girl. wellness/preventative is important!

    these are beautiful, janice.


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